Is kleptomania a legal defense for theft

Marie Schrader

Marie Schrader (Betsy Brandt) is Skyler's sister and married to Hank Schrader.

Marie and Hank Schrader

She has a medical profession that is not further defined. The marriage is childless. She gets along well with her sister, but when Marie gives away a valuable diadem for Skyler's baby shower, Skyler finds out that Marie has stolen it - she suffers from kleptomania. Hank knows about this and Marie is already in therapy. Events like Walt's disappearance bring the sisters closer together again, but Marie finds it difficult to talk about her feelings or to admit mistakes.
She has a sense of humor and her heart in the right place, sometimes she is a little selfish. She loves Hank very much and is very scared for him when he is transferred to El Paso. Especially since Marie also has much more organized plans for their future together. When Hank collapses after the attack in Mexico or after his suspension, Marie stands by his side, which in turn strengthens their relationship.
After the Tuco brothers' attack on her husband, she takes care of him and bravely endures his moods.

Marie and Skyler fear for Hank's life