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Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences

Krefeld, September 23. Around 150 architects, town planners and retailers from all over Germany are expected on Friday, September 25th (10 a.m. to 6 p.m.) when the conference “Good Business - Perspectives for Unused Shops” will take place in the Shedhalle of the Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences on the Krefeld West campus the stage goes. The focus is on the question of how the small-scale retail - and what it means for the urban quarter - can be maintained or replaced.


The organizer is StadtBauKultur NRW, a partnership initiative of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia with professional associations and institutions from the fields of architecture, engineering, interior design, landscape architecture, research, housing, retail, art, etc.The conference takes place as part of the StadtRaumFestival VIERTELPULS.


“We are very pleased that we were able to win the state initiative StadtBauKultur as a cooperation partner. With your contribution VIERTELPULS also receives a technical discussion, which is extremely important for Krefeld, as well as for other municipalities ”, says Professor Nicolas Beucker, who teaches at the design department of the Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences and is also the initiator of VIERTELPULS.


Shrinkage processes and changes in the retail sector are causing an oversupply of shops in many municipalities that have no perspective in the conventional market. High vacancy rates and increasing uses such as one-euro shops and games libraries are the consequences of this development.


The urban and social qualities in the environment, which were largely determined by small-scale retailers and local service providers, are left behind. This change not only means the loss of local supply options, but also affects the quality of life in the neighborhood. Projects that work and manage with the talent from their neighborhood can offer new perspectives for individual shops, for city districts and their residents.


The conference “Good Business - Perspectives for Unused Shops” sheds light on private business models, but also non-profit enterprises and communal strategies that generate “more” quality of life in the quarter by revitalizing unused shops. 25 selected projects will be presented at a subsequent project fair in the shed hall of the velvet weaving mill (Lewerenzstraße). They exemplify the great variety and different approaches to dealing with empty shops.


Further information on StadtBauKultur NRW and the conference can be found here: www.stadtbaukultur.nrw.de


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Author: Tim Wellbrock