How long will Davos last

The HC Davos crisis continues

HC Davos loses 3: 4 against EV Zug and conceded their tenth home defeat in a row.

(sda) · While the Grisons are waiting for their first victory after the fourth game under interim coach Michel Riesen, the Central Swiss won for the fourth time in a row.

The Zugers' match winner was 20-year-old Yannick Zehnder, who made it 1-0 (7th) and 3-1 (35th). He scored the second goal in the power play after the guests had previously received the 1: 2 from Marc Wieser (34th) during the same Davos penalty. Zehnder is self-grown by the EVZ and has just extended the contract by two years until 2021. In the first 59 games in the highest Swiss league, he had scored five times. The 2-0 (31st) was also scored by Fabian Schnyder, a player from the fourth line of Central Switzerland.

The HCD, who competed in green jerseys for seriously ill children, increased significantly compared to the 2-0 defeat on Saturday in Zug. Overall, however, the success of the guests was okay. The final 4: 1 from Reto Suri (47th), the second shorthander of the encounter, has to be taken on by Davos' Marc Wieser, as he lost the puck immediately in front of his own goal. It was little consolation for him that he subsequently scored 2: 4 (50th) and 3: 4 (57th) and was thus as often successful in one game as in the first 24 games in the current one Championship. The equalizer was denied to the Grisons, who showed great morale, although they were able to play six against three field players in the last 56 seconds.

Thanks to the three points, the Zugers overtook the game-free EHC Biel and are two points behind Leader Bern in one game less. The HCD is still 18 points behind the line.

Davos - train 3: 4 (0: 1, 1: 2, 2: 1).
4703 spectators. - Referees: Salonen / Kaukokari, Altmann / Stuber. - Goals: 7. Zehnder (Thiry, Schnyder) 0: 1. 31. Schnyder (Diaz, Stadler) 0: 2. 34. (33:36) Marc Wieser (Lindgren / exclusion young!) 1: 2. 35. (34:38) Zehnder (Diaz, Senteler / exclusion Jung) 1: 3. 47.Suri (Simion excluded!) 1: 4. 50. Marc Wieser (Dino Wieser) 2: 4. 57. Marc Wieser (Bader, Heldner) 3: 4. - Penalties: 3 times 2 plus 10 minutes (young) against Davos, 4 times 2 minutes against Zug.
Davos: Herdsman; Nygren, Barandun; Bachofner, Du Bois; Stoop, hero; Buchli, Jung; Rödin, Lindgren, Ambühl; Marc Wieser, Bader, Dino Wieser; Frehner, Meyer, Pestoni; Egli, Marc Aeschlimann, Kessler.
Train: Sandro Aeschlimann; Diaz, Stadler; Zryd, Zgraggen; Smurf, Alatalo; Thiry; Lammer, Roe, Everberg; Martschini, McIntyre, Simion; Widerström, Albrecht, Suri; Zehnder, Senteler, Schnyder.
Remarks: Davos without Hischier (sick), Paschoud, Corvi and Sandell. Train without Klingberg and Leuenberger (all injured). - 33rd Roe out injured. - Timeout Davos (58:47), then until 58:57 and from 59:04 without a goalie.

Ranking list: 1. Bern 25/50 (73:45). 2nd move 24/48 (75:52). 3. Biel 26/46 (85:67). 4. Lausanne 26/43 (76:61). 5. SCL Tigers 25/42 (70:60). 6. Friborg-Gottéron 27/41 (72:71). 7. Ambri-Piotta 25/40 (68:72). 8. Genève-Servette 27/38 (66:82). 9. ZSC Lions 24/37 (58:63). 10. Lugano 24/35 (75:62). 11. Davos 25/20 (52:92). 12. Rapperswil-Jona Lakers 26/16 (41:84).