Civil engineering is advisable

Circumnavigate moisture damage

In a new building or after renovation, problems often arise with objects due to moisture. But they don't have to - if you also consider building physics aspects in the planning. Frankosil 1K Plus protects against external factors and is advisable as an intelligent sealing solution for various substrate materials and in the connection and base area.

Keep an eye on building physics when waterproofing

The sealing plan wants to protect the property from water. However, moisture in the building physics is always present, because the wall-ceiling insulation board sometimes has to absorb a temperature difference of up to 50 degrees. This forms condensation that has to evaporate outside. This compensation works via Frankosil 1K Plus. Conventional sealing materials only offer insufficient or no diffusibility. Water can build up and settle on the wood as mold.

Material ecological liquid plastic as the alpha and omega of sealing

Liquid plastic is flexible and hardens to form a seamless, adhesive seal. 1K Plus is an ETAG-tested liquid plastic with polyurethane hybrid technology, has a permanently elastic and crack-bridging effect. With a fleece insert, it adapts to connections and details. It withstands structural movements, temperature fluctuations and UV radiation. With the 1-component sealing solution, the processor can start immediately, saving hardeners and mixing errors. He works with the ready-to-use system odorless from the bucket and completes quickly. Material losses are reduced to a minimum, residues do not harden.

Seal ecologically clean and sustainable

The big plus lies in the ecology of this seal, which is solvent-free and free of hazard and safety notices, which brings advantages in terms of transport and storage. There is no need for complex breathing apparatus; processing of interiors becomes feasible. This supports the balance of building certification systems such as LEED or DGNB. The ETAG 005 test certificate with classification W3 certifies an expected service life of 25 years. For maximum work results, Franken Systems trains and certifies its processors every two years.

With 1K Plus you seal 100 percent from the outside, while with the ideal Sd value of

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