What does cuddle mean

Relationship: When he cuddles with you like that, he really loves you

How do you know he'sis really in love? We women ask ourselves this question quite often. Because unlike the female creature, men are more likely to be known for not sharing their feelings too often to speak straight out. But for that they leave more often Actions speak - especially if you are really interested. And for us women that means that we benefit from his Body language can derive more than we think. At the Cuddling it works particularly well, because you are close and you canpretend little. Why just that physical togetherness is so important for a happy relationship? Apart from the fact that it's super nice to lie in your arms together, caress and be close to each other, it becomes a Attachment hormone that the connection and the trust - and with it the Feelings - strengthens each other. And these are the cornerstones of a long and happy relationship! But how can we Body language of menwhile cuddling interpret correctly? We have indications as to whether he has real feelings for you researched and found out which signs reveal his intentions.

1. He seeks your presence

Not all people are the same touchy, that is clear. But if he only caresses your head while cuddling on the couch and your bodies don't otherwise touch, that's not a good sign. If he again seeks your proximity, pulls you tight and touches a large part of your body, which shows trust, longing and sexual energy.

2. He touches your lower back and neck

Many are sitting here Nerve endings and that is why the lower back is considered special erogenous zone. If he touches or crawls this area again and again, then he is seriously interested. The same applies neck as a place of trust, because historically we are particularly vulnerable there. If animals stretch their necks open to each other, that is a sign of trust.

3. He initiates cuddling

Always being the one in your arms can be quick affectionate come over. This is coming Desire for closeness and cuddling him, it is a sign that he wants you with him, trusts you and he nostalgia according to your person.

4. He tries hard

Every woman has surely had this before "Pleasure", from a man stroked or petted to become who could hardly approach the matter with less enthusiasm. Again and again rather rude and lovelessbeing touched in the same place is neither a beautiful physical feeling nor is it a great one emotional attachment. If he crawls you in your favorite places, is gentle and cautious, this indicates that he respects you and only wants the best for you.

5. He's caressing your leg

Check out whether he also has you in other situations touched. For example at dinner or in the bar. Does it touch your leg or shoulder when you are in public? If so, it means that he wants to show that you belong together and are a couplethat is physical to each other. It signals: She belongs to me and we trust each other!

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