You can connect wireless headphones

How to connect bluetooth headphones to your Xbox One

Just because Xbox doesn't have bluetooth capabilities doesn't mean that you can't pair your bluetooth headphones or wireless earbuds with your console.

This guide describes the different ways you can connect your Xbox One to Bluetooth headsets so you can really immerse yourself in the game.

Can you connect bluetooth headphones to Xbox One?

You can connect bluetooth headphones to your Xbox One. However, unless you have a handful of specific headsets, it isn't as easy as plugging headphones into your phone.

The Xbox One doesn't have bluetooth. Instead, Microsoft created its own proprietary system: Xbox Wireless.

What is Xbox Wireless? It is a proprietary protocol that allows you to wirelessly connect peripherals such as controllers to the console.

For audiophiles, this includes a few compatible headphones from greats like the Turtle Beach and Razer that feature this technology, as well as the official Xbox stereo headset.

On a technical level, it is far superior to Bluetooth because it works at a higher frequency. The result is a more stable connection between the accessory and the console with far lower latency.

The problem is, most users don't have Xbox Wireless compatible headsets, and most wireless headphones and earbuds don't have this technology. Most only have bluetooth.

How to connect bluetooth headphones to your Xbox One controller

Without Bluetooth support, the only way to pair your headphones with your Xbox console is through a third-party Bluetooth adapter. It's not the best option; It is your only option.

There are two types of devices:

  • Bluetooth transmitter : Listen to audio from Xbox One with this cheapest and most popular bluetooth adapter.
  • Bluetooth Transmitter and Receiver: With a Bluetooth transmitter and receiver, you can hear broadcast sounds and use voice chat if your cans have a microphone.

How to enable bluetooth on Xbox controllers with an audio jack

How you connect a Bluetooth adapter depends on what Xbox controller you have. Whichever model you have, to enable controller audio, you must first sync your Xbox controller with your Xbox One.

Newer gamepads have a built-in 3.5mm audio jack. This is the easiest way to connect wired and wireless headphones.

  • Plug the 3.5mm connector from the Bluetooth transmitter into the audio jack on the base of the Xbox One controller.
  • Pair your headphones with the adapter.

As simple as that.

Don't forget, you can connect to your TV too. Since these devices are not designed specifically for your Xbox, you can plug them into more or less any device with a headphone jack for Bluetooth functionality. This includes your television set.

So if you don't want the bluetooth dongle dangling between your hands while playing, check to see if your TV has an audio jack and plug in the adapter instead.

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How to pair bluetooth headphones to an Xbox controller without an audio jack

If you have the original Xbox One controller, there are two things you'll need to connect your headset to the console:

  • Bluetooth transmitter
  • Xbox One Stereo Headset Adapter

The first round of Xbox One controllers didn't even have a 3.5mm audio jack. Whether you're plugging in wireless or wired headphones, you'll need the Xbox One Stereo Headset Adapter (a clunky first-party peripheral that plugs into your Xbox pad).

This kit was originally intended to connect wired headphones to the console by providing the missing 3.5mm female audio port.

It can still be used for your Bluetooth headphones.

  • First, plug the headset adapter into the connector on the bottom of the controller.
  • Take your bluetooth transmitter and attach it to the 3.5mm cable dangling from the end of the headset adapter.
  • Pair your headphones with the device.

How to connect Bluetooth headsets with Optical to Xbox One

There is a third way to transfer bluetooth to your Xbox: using a bluetooth adapter that supports digital optical connections. This connection is usually used to connect sound bars. However, you can also use them to bring bluetooth to your Xbox.

This doesn't apply to every transmitter, but in addition to a 3.5mm connector, some also have a digital optical cable. There is an optical S / PDIF audio output on the back of your Xbox One.

  • Connect the digital optics of your Bluetooth transmitter to the S / PDIF port on the back of the Xbox.
  • Switch the transmitter mode from 3.5mm (or AUX) to S / PDIF if your device supports it.
  • Connect your headphones to the transmitter via Bluetooth.

However, the use of the digital optical output is not perfect. Since this is only an issue, you will not be able to chat with your friends on Xbox One.

If you're on Xbox Series X | S, unfortunately the digital output connection is missing in the console. However, Xbox CEO Phil Spencer said not enough people were using the port to spend money on it.

However, most modern televisions also have an optical connector, so you can always plug the transmitter in that way.

Use Bluetooth headsets with Remote Play on Xbox One

Don't you mind playing on the small screen? Then use Xbox Remote Play which allows you to play Xbox One on your phone with your bluetooth headphones. Modern Xbox controllers, like the ones that came with the Xbox One S, are Bluetooth-enabled (and use Xbox Wireless too).

Remember, you need to be very close to your console for this to work.

You need the Xbox app for Android or iOS, bluetooth headphones or earphones, and a new Xbox controller and gaming clip. Alternatively, you can use a mobile-compatible Bluetooth controller.

How to get started:

  • Pair your headphones and your phone.
  • Connect your Xbox controller to your phone or hook up a mobile bluetooth controller like the Razer Kishi.
  • On your Xbox One, press the Guide button and choose Profiles & System .
  • Go to Settings> Device & Connections> Remote Features .
  • Check the box Activate remote functions .
  • Change the power mode to Immediate on .
  • Open the Xbox app.
  • Tap the Remote Play button at the top of the screen.
  • If you haven't already, choose You set up the console . When you've linked your console to the app, select Remote play on this device .

You can now play all of your Xbox games on the console with the audio playing through your bluetooth headphones.

Bring bluetooth connections to Xbox One

Since the Xbox One doesn't have bluetooth capabilities, using a transmitter to connect your bluetooth headphones to Xbox is the only way.

When you plug in any of these devices, you don't need to use headphones or wireless earbuds either. You can even connect bluetooth speakers to the Xbox One to give your audio a little boost.

Don't forget to dive into the Xbox One's audio settings and turn on Windows Sonic as well. It offers spatial 3D support (or a kind of “virtualized surround sound”) that makes your game even more intense.