How long do wood carvings last

Individual commissioned work

Our hand-carved wooden figures are mostly made according to old and traditional models. We always keep them in stock for you. This is our contribution to ensure that you can get the characters you want immediately. But our service includes more and our carvers are also happy to meet individual customer requirements.

Custom-made products according to your specifications and wishes

If you want to give yourself or another loved one an extraordinary pleasure, then this is exactly the right offer for you. How about a bust, a relief or a practical candle holder - made according to your specifications and individual wishes and ideas? An entrepreneur is sure to like his own company logo on his desk, which looks so completely different because it is a noble hand carving. In principle, there are no limits to the imagination and the possibilities.

Implementation of a personalized carving

Depending on the size and effort of the project, something like this can take a few weeks. Ultimately, it is about high craftsmanship and not about modern 3D printing, which ejects an industrial product made of modern plastic after being scanned. Our products are made by hand by a professional wood carver. Even sizes of one meter and more are possible.

Pretty much anything can be used as a template:
Drawings, illustrations, representations, drafts, graphics, images, photos or sketches

After the rough and fine work on the wood, the work can also be refined by painting, gilding, etc. So it's no wonder that it takes time to complete. In the end there is a work of art that undoubtedly has a very special charisma and is and remains of high ideal value. It couldn't be more individual and the joy will be great.

Art made from European woods

We only use European woods as the starting material in our workshops. While larger models are made from linden and Swiss stone pine, maple, ash or acacia are used as material for the small objects. Without exception, oil or water colors, which are harmless to health, are used for painting.

Ultimately, you are presenting something very special with carvings of this kind. They are wooden figures that are created in the craftsmanship of traditional carving. Every part, every sculpture is a personalized piece of the highest individuality. It is a commitment to old art in the current zeitgeist. This individual way of giving something pleases the child as much as the entrepreneur. Let us know what you want. We create personalized gifts according to your wishes and templates. They are unique items that are custom-made or made exclusively for you.

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