Who has the largest PostgreSQL database

Advantages of POSTGRESQL


PostgreSQL is designed to protect your most valuable asset - your data.


Open source
PostgreSQL is an open source system, the source code is therefore freely accessible. You therefore have the opportunity to use, modify and implement PostgreSQL in the way that is most advantageous for you.

Cost reduction
As a true open source product, PostgreSQL costs nothing - in particular, there are no license costs! Those who use PostgreSQL no longer have to worry about high license costs, complex contracts and supplier loyalty. PostgreSQL is available when you want and in the way you want.

Various companies and individuals are involved in the project and have been driving it forward for more than 25 years. Bugs are usually fixed before you even notice them. In addition, PostgreSQL users benefit from a wide range of extensions and tools for PostgreSQL. Learn more about our contribution to PostgreSQL >>

There are several features that make PostgreSQL even more secure. If you use the right one (TDE, data masking), you get a very secure database that protects your most important asset - your data.

Your PostgreSQL database can grow with you. There are several ways to scale PostgreSQL. Your database can therefore grow as large as it needs to be.