How can I cultivate feelings

Cultivate positive feelings

Good feelings make us stronger, healthier, more creative - if they are in the right proportion to negative emotions. Three times more positive emotions than negative: This is the scientifically proven formula that makes you immune to crises and setbacks.

Positive feelings are usually quieter than negative ones and accordingly we often pay less attention to them. In emotion research, this phenomenon is called cognitive bias. In the past, this 'distortion' also applied to psychological research, which primarily dealt with negative emotions, such as trauma, fears and compulsions.

Since the late 1990s, positive psychology, a branch of research, has emerged that instead focuses on the empirical exploration of positive feelings. What are the prerequisites for positive feelings to arise? What are positive feelings anyway? What effect do they have on perception and thinking beyond the moment? What effects do they have in human interaction? How do they affect you physically? What can we do to cultivate it?

The world-renowned psychologist Barbara Fredrickson is now bringing both approaches together and proving for the first time that negative emotions are not an annoying evil, but indispensable. It is crucial that every negative emotion is followed by three times more positive ones and that these emotions are not forced but are real.

Fredrickson's 3-to-1 formula contains a scientifically proven and intelligent recipe for a positive attitude towards life. The golden ratio for a full and happier life!

She lists 10 positive feelings: joy, gratitude, serenity, interest, hope, pride, pleasure, inspiration, awe, love.