What is the hottest temperature in Indonesia

Indonesia climate table

Maximum temperature in ° C28.9°28.9°30°30.6°30.6°30.6°30.6°30.6°31.1°30.6°30°29.4°
Minimum temperature in ° C23.3°23.3°23.3°23.9°23.9°23.3°22.8°22.8°23.3°23.3°23.3°23.3°
Hours of sunshine6.
Water temperature in ° C26°27°28°28°28°26°25°25°25°27°27°27°

The island state of Indonesia consists of a total of over 17,000 islands, around a third of which are inhabited. Despite the enormous extent of the Southeast Asian country - the westernmost island of Sumatra is over 5000 kilometers from the easternmost part of Papua - there is a humid tropical climate almost everywhere. The temperatures around 28 degrees Celsius hardly fluctuate and rainy seasons or monsoons are present, but not comparable with the intensity that occurs in South Asia and India.

Java and Sumatra

Visitors from Europe always land first on the main island of Java at the airport of the capital Jakarta or on the most important tourist island of Bali. Almost all inhabited islands are connected from there with the state-owned international airline Garuda and the Indonesian national Merpati. The rainy season on Java extends from November to March, which is particularly noticeable in the eastern half of the densely populated island. In the dry season from April to October, it never rains in the eastern half and occasionally in the western half.

On the much more sparsely populated neighboring island of Sumatra with its huge rainforests, every rainfall between October and April is very heavy and often brings masses of water to the earth in a matter of minutes, making large stretches of land impassable. However, like in all of Indonesia, the rain is never continuous during the rainy season and usually the intense showers of several hours are followed by sunshine, which additionally intensifies the moisture in the air through evaporation. Added to this is the occurrence of local storms, which mainly form on the western coast of Sumatra.

Borneo and inner archipelagos

The largest land mass in Indonesia is borneo, the Indonesian part of which is called Kalimantan. The difference between rainy and dry season is only very slight and the climate is very dependent on where you are staying. Specific information on the intended travel destinations should be obtained here at short notice. Basically, the temperature difference in the various regions is greater than on the other Indonesian islands, as there are plateaus, mountains and low-lying forests, some of which have an almost closed “roof”. They move between 22 and 32 degrees Celsius.

To the east lie with Sulawesi, the Moluccas and New Guinea, three rugged island groupings, which have an increasingly drier climate towards Australia. The rainy season is limited to a few weeks in December and January and the temperatures are almost the same all year round. The development of storms must be taken into account, which can be particularly pronounced in autumn and restrict travel.

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