Older women may have long hair

Is long hair a taboo for older women?

Women who are over 40 should no longer wear their hair above shoulder length - this is an unwritten rule. Long hair for older women? So that doesn't work at all. But who makes these rules and why should long hair be taboo for older women? Long hair for older women is not embarrassing, nor does it make women older. Nevertheless, the current trend hairstyles also assume that women aged 60 and over find short hair beautiful.

Don't go with fashion anymore

According to trend scouts and trendsetters, women over 60 have found their definitive style and should stick with it. Women of a sedate age don't have to be hip and trendy, especially not when it comes to hairstyles. A classic bob that is chin or shoulder length at most is an idea of ​​how women over 60 should wear their hair. A short hairstyle is the other option, older women obviously don't have more options. Long hair for older women is out, but the handy pixie cut is IN. Sure there are women who find short hair chic, but there are also women who don't want to cut their beautiful long hair just because they have turned 60. The trendsetters not only specify the hair length for older women, but also the hair color.

Is gray hair trendy?

Long hair for older women is bad enough, according to young people, but if the hair is also gray, it's all over. To gray in honor is not the right motto for every woman. Many just feel too young to have white hair. Of course, there are hair colors that don't make women of retirement age look so good anymore. However, there is nothing wrong with a few lightening strands or a tint in the original hair color. Very dark colors, on the other hand, are not a good choice, they quickly make facial features appear hard and make women older than they actually are.

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Hairstyles that make you old

There are some hairstyles that make women look older than they really are. Long hair for older women may be one of them, as well as hair that is too short. If the hair is cut too short or incorrectly, the face looks much older. Long, straggly hair is not only taboo for older women. It is even worse if the hair looks too thin and brittle or has broken tips. A layered cut makes long hair handsome for older women and if the hairdresser cuts the tips every three months, the long hair will even look trendy. Hair that is too blonde should also be taboo, as it always looks artificial in old age.


Even in old age it is possible to keep up with fashion. For older women, however, it is important that the hairstyle and hair color match the overall appearance and complexion. Every third woman bleaches her hair just because blonde stands for youthfulness and attractiveness. Anything that is excessive should be avoided by older ladies. A warm honey blonde looks good from 60 and the hair can also be a little longer.

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