How do I improve my bone size

Increase bone density with herbs

Some plants contain so-called phytoestrogens (isoflavones), which help women avoid the threatened loss of bone mass, especially during menopause. For example, isoflavones are found in red clover.

Other medicinal herbs that have a positive influence on bone density are, for example, monk's pepper, angelica sinensis (also called dong quai) and the grape silver candle. Further information can be found here: Medicinal plants for strong bones and healthy teeth

Healthy bones through deacidification

An unfavorable or one-sided diet (which is rich in isolated carbohydrates and / or industrially processed animal products or also in ready-made meals) has significantly fewer vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals than a diet based on natural foods, which is very likely to weaken the bones can.

However, bone health is not only affected by the lack of vital substances, but also by the acid potential of the usual diet. The common staple foods (meat, dairy products, grain products) lead to an excess of acid in the body - especially in combination with sugar.

These acids, which are produced during metabolism, have to be neutralized. Basic minerals such as calcium and magnesium are used for this. If these are only available in insufficient quantities in the daily diet, the necessary minerals are stolen from the bones. To put an end to this situation, at least two measures are necessary:

  1. The diet is switched to an alkaline diet rich in vital substances.
  2. A thorough deacidification of the organism removes acid waste and remineralises the bones with the help of high-quality basic minerals. (More information on deacidification.)

Healthy bones on their own

Exercise is at least as important. Little exercise sooner or later not only leads to weakened muscles, but also to a loss of bone mass - no matter how healthy you eat. You can read here which type of movement is particularly suitable for osteoporosis or to strengthen bone density: Preventing bone fractures in osteoporosis

An intelligently composed basic diet rich in vital substances in combination with powerful herbal preparations, natural aids and regular sporting activity are therefore the basic requirements for the health of the bones. Everyone can start implementing these measures at any time and without outside help and let their bones become strong and tight again.

Osteoporosis medication: find out about side effects!

Before taking medication for osteoporosis, please get detailed information about its side effects. In particular, if these drugs have been taken for several years, they have been shown to trigger abnormal bone growth, make bones more fragile and have serious side effects.


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