How is Gimme Bar different from Pinterest

The gimme bar service has already been discontinued.

I've been using Pinterest for a long time as a source of web design inspiration. My corresponding board on Pinterest has almost 400 pins. The problem with Pinterest is that the service creates small preview images and then links them to the original image or the page. This has the advantage that the service has to save fewer images. The downside, however, is clear: if the original is gone, it's gone. Those who pint high-resolution images now may no longer have access to these high-resolution versions and have to be content with the measly preview images from Pinterest. As a rule, however, it is the details that count. To solve the problem, I built my own Pinterest with Wordpress, but I'm dropping it again. Wordpress is not so well suited for such tasks. So I did the search again and came across an interesting alternative to Pinterest: Gimme Bar. The service is basically structured in the same way as Pinterest. At Gimme Bar you have your profile, boards aka collections, which can also be private or public. Images are added from anywhere on the web via bookmarklet.

Benefits of Gimme Bar

Gimme Bar has a few small advantages over Pinterest. The absolutely most important advantage for me is definitely that the original images are also saved on Gimme Bar. In full resolution that is accessible at any time. The bookmarklet can also be used to save not only images but also the websites themselves. This is cheap if you are on Behance, for example, and work is configured there in such a way that you cannot access it as a normal image. But Gimme Bar also has completely different qualities. For example, it is possible to create backups of currently four services: Instagram, Twitter, Delicious and Pinboard. The posts on the Gimme Board can also be saved, a connection to Dropbox is available here. I haven't used the feature yet, but I will try it out when I get the chance. Gimme Bar is currently still in beta, the Twitter connection is currently not possible. However, you can become a member for $ 24 / year per year, with various new great features in prospect. If this Pinterest alternative works well, I will think about the Pro Subscription again.

Problems with DeviantArt and the bookmarklet

As a great new tool for collecting inspiration, I tried some time ago and ran into the same problem there as I now with Gimme Bar: the non-working bookmarklet on DeviantArt. Anyone who is registered with DeviantArt will know the feature: if you start dragging a picture, a favorites bar opens in which you can sort the picture right away. The problem with the whole thing: the bookmarklet is also designed to take the picture by dragging it. Now the corresponding Javascript functions of DeviantArt and Gimme Bar overlap, so that the bookmarklet is not functional.

Solution to the bookmarklet problem

The solution to the problem is relatively simple. The following Javascript file must be blocked: The favorites bar is controlled via the scripts it contains. Other objects do not appear to be blocked. So you can very easily block this file using, for example, AdBlock, and you can use the Gimme Box bookmarklet without any problems. With AdBlock you have to go to your own filters under the settings and edit them manually. Here you just insert the following code as the last position: However, since some code components are used on the administration pages of DeviantArt, the following exceptions must be added: