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Glass ceramic - an overview of special cooking zones

Full surface induction for maximum flexibility when cooking

But of course there is more and more, which is why the appliance manufacturers always try to make the cooking experience as pleasant as possible for you. The result: Induction hobs with full surface inductionthat adapt flexibly to individual cooking projects and mark another trend that will find its way into more and more kitchens.

What does that mean in concrete terms? In contrast to conventional induction cooktops, there are not only induction coils and sensors below the marked cooking zone, but the entire surface is equipped with them. The sensors record the location (pot position detection) and size of the cookware and initiate heating.

Full-surface induction offers the highest level of comfort and flexibility when cooking, because pots and pans do not have to be positioned within marked cooking zones. No matter if vertical or horizontal - you can all over the glass ceramic be asked. There is room for several saucepans at the same time, which is why Full-surface induction hob is ideal for amateur cooks or the preparation of complex recipes, and of course for everyone who is looking for a particularly practical hob variant.