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My blog is visited more often. Many of them desperate because they really want to talk to LinkedIn. And some now think that I offer support in any form, imprint obligation sends greetings. Hence a few tips on how to reach LinkedIn.

The phone number of LinkedIn

That's the big secret. At first you won't find anything about the imprint of LinkedIn. If you know that LinkedIn has its office in Munich, you could also try “Das Örtliche”. But even there you have no luck. The only number that can be found is a number (+1 855 832 5465) in Dublin. However, I dare to doubt whether that will bring anything.

Is there a general email from LinkedIn?

Here you can get ahead faster: In the imprint of LinkedIn there is actually one: [email protected] However, LinkedIn itself writes that you don't need to expect an answer.

How do I reach LinkedIn now?

The best way to reach LinkedIn is via the contact form that is offered directly via the imprint:

However, that doesn't look like a contact form: LinkedIn wants to ensure that you have at least tried the help before you write to support. So enter the request here with which you would like to contact LinkedIn, for example "Forgot Password"Or"I received my resignation„.

You can now contact LinkedIn with your request using the "Next" button:

Has LinkedIn received my trial membership cancellation?

Most inquiries come about the topic that a premium membership should be canceled for the test (Most of them were a four-week trial membership). Here you can get help directly from the settings area of ​​your profile (here is the link): If the link does not work:

  • Click on his thumbnail profile picture at the top
  • Then scroll down to "Privacy and Settings"
  • Then left side on Account (or Account)
  • The menu item "Manage Premium Account" appears

Here you can either cancel directly or contact LinkedIn support without any further detours:

Hope I have helped you reach out to LinkedIn with your concern.



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