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The best SUVs - The top 10 SUVs

What distinguishes a good SUV

The SUV is booming! This is proven by the number of new registrations: This year the sport utility vehicle is in first place and trumps all other vehicle classes on the popularity scale. It's no surprise to us that buyers are so into SUVs. After all, depending on their size and design, they offer a whole range of advantages over other vehicles.


An SUV must ...
  • Providing safety for the driver and all passengers.
  • are characterized by low consumption.
  • offer a good overview due to the elevated seating position.
  • Make driving fun.
  • have a lot of space in the interior.


Increased occupant safety

Due to their robust construction, SUVs give a particularly safe impression. They were actually able to prove this in numerous crash tests: SUVs protect all occupants particularly well in the event of an accident and are therefore also very popular with families with children.

Modern driver assistants make the car giants safe for other road users such as cyclists and pedestrians. The smart systems also help to avoid accidents with, for example, small cars that might otherwise be overlooked.


Space, space and even more space

Many SUV models are not only characterized by a spacious trunk, but also have great variability in the interior. Rows of seats can be shifted, folded down or additionally installed. It is therefore advisable to pay close attention to your own space requirements and the offers of the respective models when buying.

If you no longer want to duck your head in the back seat, an SUV is also the right choice. As a rule, these offer all passengers more space and a comfortable boarding height.

Although the shape of an SUV is reminiscent of a classic off-road vehicle, few of them are really suitable for off-road use. However, most SUVs still have a little more ground clearance and so at least bumpy field and forest paths can be mastered without any problems and without endangering the subsoil.