What is baking sugar

Difference between baking sugar and normal sugar

Not all sugar is created equal - what is the difference between baking sugar and normal sugar (Photo by: Depositphotos)

The different grain

If you have both types of sugar in your kitchen - both baking and normal sugar - you can see the difference between the two products at first glance.

Baking sugar:

  • The Baking sugar is specially designed for baking of fine cakes, for example, and for this reason too finer grain.
  • This will allow you to get the sugar into the batter faster dissolve and is therefore easier to mix with the other ingredients.

normal sugar - e.g. Granulated sugar:

  • Of course, you can also mix various ingredients normal sugar Completely. Just because its Grains a little coarser this does not mean that you must not mix flour and Co. with it.
  • The baking sugar is just finer.

Info: If you don't have any baking sugar at home, you can usually use normal granulated sugar.

Baking sugar is particularly suitable for these dishes

It is best to use baking sugar, as the name suggests when baking For, for example, very fine biscuits, tarts and cakes.

Info: The fine baking sugar gives a shortcrust pastry a better structure and increases its volume.

But even high-quality soufflés and sponge doughs become extremely tasty with this special type of sugar.

It is also used in the production of meringue, marzipan and nougat.

There is also the advantage that the baking sugar is excellent too for cold dishes can use. In doing so, it does not lose any of its advantages.

By the way: The baking sugar is also under the name Viennese sugar known. It is mainly used in Austrian specialties with flour and brings its impressive properties to bear in processing.

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