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Digital twittering


1 Digital Twitter Possibilities, special features and experiences from police practice with Twitter - communication with the networked citizen

2 Personal agenda General information on Twitter What do we post? / Content functions Twitter live demo monitoring / daily work The perfect tweet Twitter analysis / evaluation Community feedback Twitter internal police (responsibilities / preservation of evidence / use of language)

3 Personal details Markus Lang, KOK since 2001 PP / PD Ludwigsburg patrol duty for around 10 years, then studies - criminal police (state security / cybercrime) today: Public relations department, private and business use of Facebook and Twitter since 2008, responsible for social media at the Ludwigsburg police headquarters since 2016

4 1.Tweet 1.Posting / contribution

5 2,517 follower tweets (status)

6 General information Twitter was founded in March 2006 Since April 2010 Twitter available for a wide range of smartphones and tablets In November 2013 IPO Text messages with a maximum of 280 characters Meanwhile also video, pictures, links, surveys

7 Twitter info public by default Posts can be favored (likes), retweeted (shared) or commented on with your own tweet. the list of subscribed articles is often referred to as the timeline or TL for short. 83% percent users on mobile devices

8 users 330 million active Twitter users per month (worldwide) 261 million active users outside the USA 3 million German Twitter accounts 1 million active Twitter users in Germany

9 Profit / Loss

10 Necessary data for registration: -address / telephone number freely selectable username full name also pseudonym password username and full name can be changed as often as desired

11 What do we post? Press Releases / Prevention News Events In-service public relations Other Job advertisements

12 What are we posting?

13 What do we post?

14 Features Mention / Mentions When used in a tweet to get your attention. Retweets When someone shares one of your tweets with their followers. Likes If someone likes your tweet and wants to let you know. Follower When someone chooses to follow you.

15 functions reply / message to tweet creator further options retweet or forward, block user citation, report user, etc. like / like

16 Hashtags # Term in the form of a tag that highlights a word or a string of characters in a tweet. The name comes from the pound # (English hash), with which the term in question is marked. The hashtag can consist of letters and digits, but it cannot contain punctuation marks or spaces. For highlighting, designing creatively or for searching

17 Example of a reply tweet

18 Twitter use Monitoring Stationary: Use via website does not make sense, instead via Twitter clients (software) or Tweetdeck Advantage: more functionality, clearer and easier Mobile: Twitter client on smartphone or tablet

19 Tweetdeck quick overview

20 emojis?!. /

21 surveys Good opportunity for interaction Only possible via the original Twitter app

22 What happens where? # tweets-band

23 Everyone should build their network before they need it. Dave Delaney's motto: Fun for the worst

24 Analysis / Evaluation

25 Analysis / Evaluation

26 Analysis / Evaluation Live Demo: home

27 pictures yes / no? Yes! without picture with picture

28 The question is not whether we use social media, but how well Augustin works

29 The perfect tweet

30 The perfect tweet 280 characters limit (current) Include images if possible. Include link (always occupies 23 characters) Use hashtags (1 to 2, must consist of one word, not too long, subject or location-related) As attractive as Design newspaper headlines Do not use capital letters (counts as shouting) Use emojis when appropriate and supportive of the facts

31 The perfect tweet Symbol images Observe copyright People / images Protect data protection and personal rights If people can be recognized, they must consent to publication in writing or be made unrecognizable

32 The perfect tweet Links to official or public law pages are permitted Link to pages from private providers as a matter of principle Refrain from publishing personal data in any case Use CTA call-to-action (e.g. please retweet, please call witnesses) Post promptly Creativity is always a + and is rewarded with range

33 Example self-regulation community

34 Example self-regulation community


36 Feedback

37 Problem areas: 24/7 no social media management software clearly related to Ludwigsburg Account verification Deletion difficult

38 Language use Target group-oriented language No complicated official German Second person plural We, yours and Euchen Communication with individual users Formal salutation You can be useful for young people Users perceive you as the police Corresponding seriousness must be maintained

39 Save profile 1. Click on user name 2. Save screenshot of profile info, save picture

40 Save tweet Select tweet and click on it Create screenshot (SnippingTool) and save 1. Click on Link to Tweet

41 Content and quality The critical factor for success is the increased willingness to engage in dialogue. The tone of communication with users should neither be too bureaucratic nor too jovial - otherwise disinterest and untrustworthiness will result. Allowing comments is essential, as this signals willingness to engage in dialogue decisive for attractiveness and potential reach Contents: positive news, emotional topics, everyday experiences and aspects of police work. Principle: Quality over speed