How does a project manager deal with problems

Project managementWhat project managers need to be able to do

Project managers need special skills for all of these tasks and are specifically developed according to the role requirements. Companies should therefore design their own project management career and implement it in the organization.

The project manager career should open up an independent development and career path for employees in addition to the career as a specialist or manager. In order to attract good employees for this career, companies should make them just as attractive as the line careers. That means equal opportunities in terms of further training, scope of duties, skills, responsibility and salary.

The design of the project manager career can vary from company to company. However, it should contain at least the following three stages of development:

Employees in the project team

The employee is part of the project team and contributes their respective technical expertise. He needs basic knowledge of project management in order to be able to speak a common "project language" with his colleagues.

Junior project manager

The junior project manager is leading a small project for the first time, and with several years of experience also a medium-sized project. The basic knowledge gained as a project employee must be deepened in the context of this function and supplemented with various soft skills.

Senior project manager

The senior project manager has many years of experience in project management. He can manage complex projects or an entire project portfolio. Due to his experience and personality, he has developed into an entrepreneur in the company over the years.