What are some entomological facts

  • by Anna Katharina Küsters

Insects are not as visible in winter as they are in summer. But they can also be found in the garden at this time of year. And animals do more unusual things than you might think.

Berlin- Ants, wood lice and any kind of Beetles have in the Summer months although high season, but also disappear in cold months never quite. Because they are known to be an important part of ours Ecosystem and are indispensable for us. The strong decline in insects of the past few years is a cause of great concern for experts. Some go with their important function interesting facts about the animals that every gardening lover should know.

3 Facts About Insects: What You Should Know About Animals

The Insect death has been employing many biologists for some time. According to the Nature Conservation Union Germany (NABU) a decrease of 80 percent of the insect biomass found in various locations in North Rhine-Westphalia since 1989. A number that calls for greater protection for insects, for example by giving gardeners a bee-friendly garden invest.

One better access and better understanding people are known to have about things that know them better. So this is a good time three facts about insects that arouse curiosity about the crawling animals. Because behind every insect there is an exciting story: Stink bugs for example, only give off their stinking secretions when they feel threatened. The small animals do not stink permanently. And also as food insects are becoming more and more interesting in everyday life *.

3 facts about insects: Insects have a means against multi-resistant germs - fact 1

Researchers found that insects are enormously important in our Fight against multi-resistant germs. A particularly large number of multi-resistant germs can be found in Hospital environments and it is not uncommon for patients to become infected with these germs in addition to their actual illness. That is a problem because treatments with different Antibiotics often don't work.

insects could get one for this problem Part of the solution deliver. According to the Federal Ministry of Education and Research medical professionals were able to determine Extract active ingredients from insects, with their help multi-resistant germs can be combated. The focus is on the so-called antimicrobial peptides the Honey bee and the Milkweed bug. These are Proteins, which are produced in the bodies of animals and which are specific Microorganisms can kill. Especially in the area of Antibiotic Research is that an exciting approach with a lot Potential.

3 Facts About Insects: Insects Prevent Animal Carcasses from Lying Around Everywhere - Fact 2

insects are masters in Recycle and clean up. There are also a lot of them Scavenger, without which our environment would look significantly different from what it currently does. Because in Forest, on grasslands or in garden These animals clean up due to their eating habits. If they didn't, there would probably be a lot more animal carcasses lying around than we'd like. Next insects also fulfill this task, for example scavenging spiders.

One example is that Gravedigger Beetle. According to the Deutschlandfunk the animals feed on smaller dead birds and mammals and bury the carcass as soon as they find it. This is how they protect their prey from others Insects. Then they start to cut the carcass depilate or to get rid of feathers. They then form a species from the carcass Meatball, the long time due to a Secretes, that they give preserved can be. This is how they feed theirs offspring over a long time from this Meatball.

3 facts about insects: Insects antifreeze in the body helps against the cold in winter - fact 3

Another wonderful invention of nature: some insects wear one special protection against cold in itself. So he owns Brimstone butterfly according to the NABU for example a kind Antifreeze in his body that made him face Freeze to death saves. Since he has thewinter nearly unprotected outdoors spends, he must stand against frosty days and nights arm yourself well. For one thing, he does not dismiss any of them necessary fluids from his body and is to the other glycerin instructed in his body. Because it freezes the remaining liquid not in the insect's body. * fr.de is part of the Ippen-Digital network.

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