Which items are allowed in the Wankhede Stadium

Wankhede Stadium

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Jun 19,2019 (By: Best For Ever)
A good cricket ground with huge sitting capacity. All international cricket and IPL matches organized by this stadium. Ground is huge, lighting all over the ground. which feels great for sports lovers

May 27,2019 (By: Vips Kumar)
Located besides the Queen's Necklace, it's a great experience to watch live matches. Though there are lots of things needed to be taken care of, for example the seating arrangement. The seats are randomly numbered making it impossible to find yours without a volunteer. Also the seats are quite small to fit a thin individual, forget the comfort if you're healthy !! Rest all is good. 'v'

May 21,2019 (By: nitesh shigvan)
Amazing stage .. !! Huge. It is as beautiful as it looks on TV, May be more beautiful than that. There are a lot of gates to enter. They don't allow to enter with bags, there is different gate for those with people with bags, (they generally don't allow). Washrooms are clean. Snacks and drinks are available in the stadium. View from each stand is amazing. The stadium is huge.

May 16,2019 (By: Rishi Khetan)
Cricket cricket cricket! One of the most iconic cricketing arenas in the world this is a must visit atleast once for a match! The atmosphere is LIT, the games are competitive and the crowd is phenomenal. The stadium is well made, with enough exit points and right security. There's a lot of fan merchandise available inside along with several F&B options as well Just make sure you don't carry the items listed on the ticket as banned in the stadium to avoid confiscation

May 16,2019 (By: Abhay Jain)
The atmosphere is the awesome .. it's a great stadium and the pitch is damn good .. the view from the stands is also awesome .. I would have loved it more if they had more comfortable seats.

Feb 21,2019 (By: VISHAL DHUPER)
It now has the capacity to accommodate over 33,000 sporting fans. One of the highlights of the stadium is the suspended cantilever roofs. The Teflon fabric roof is light in weight and heat resistant. There is no beam support for the roof to ensure that the spectators enjoy an unobstructed view. On the roof, there are exhaust fans, which keep the stands cool and allow the breeze from the West to blow in. The stadium has 20 elevators for North and South stands. In fact, while redeveloping the stadium, major changes were made at the North and South end so that the spectators could enjoy better facilities like bucket seating, large number of toilets and food courts. Cricket lovers agree, it is a real pleasure to watch a match at the Wankhede stadium.

Jan 24,2019 (By: Vinesh Nair)
Located at Marine Drive, nearby Churchgate station. This stadium has 6 different entrances. Wankhede has the best happening and cheering public always. The best stadium for a reason. India won the World Cup with the finisher 6 from Captain 'Cool' M. S. Dhoni on this ground. Its always lively here, great atmosphere due to being near to sea side. This stadium has a capacity to accommodate approx 35000 people.

Jan 23,2019 (By: Sarah Khanna)
The game is a process that we start to grow often. Playing in our lives is of great importance. This is equally important for us as far as studies are concerned. If we talk about old times, it is seen that at that time entertainment was the only sport. In today's world, there are countless instruments of entertainment but play without man is incomplete.

Jan 03,2019 (By: Raghavendra sai)
If you are new to this stadium you are very much excited but trust me this excitement will vanish when you enter the stadium and see those rusty iron bars and muddy seats. The seating is very horrible and congested that you feel like you are seating in some other's lap. Only during the world cup final 2011 this stadium was good. Later it started deteriorating due to poor maintenance and proximity to the sea. Even though they get handsome amounts for hosting a match, only a pinch of them are utilized for renovating. Its waste of money to watch a match in India ..

Dec 15,2018 (By: Laraib Ansari)
This place is very great to visit. You all will find many book stores around it. There are many restaurants hotels, local toilets around it. The scenario is awesome. Everyone should visit this place if they come here. Make sure you come with your families and children's. Also bring your grand father and grandmother. Bring some medicine in extra if someone get it because this place air and environment might affect some body due to change in temperature or environmental effects.thanks a lot for reading this review. Hope so if will help you all thanks a lot anyways. Good luck

Aug 22,2018 (By: mahesh patil)
I always wanted to watch a match here. Great atmosphere and crowd. Only downside was that food and beverage is sold at 10 times the price without any restriction. A water bottle costs ₹ 100.

Aug 15,2018 (By: Sanman Sabane)
Mecca of cricketing in India. You'll sweat like a criminal if you come here during the IPL season. What matters here is the experience. Choose your sitting position / stand wisely. Spend a bit more if you can to get a great view. Food and beverages are sold here. You are not allowed to carry power banks and metal parts such as coins inside. MI is a great franchise and they have some great activities planned outside.

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