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Who do we pray to?

12/26/2011 Questions and Answers | Jesus Christ / God

Manuel Seibel

Again and again Christians have the question of whom to pray to. Are you allowed to pray only to the Lord Jesus? Do you have to pray to God the Father? Are you allowed to pray to the Holy Spirit? We will briefly address these questions in this article.


Who can I pray to? Only to god? To the father? To the Lord Jesus? Or also to the Holy Spirit?



Basically the following can be stated: We find prayers in the New Testament

  • to God (Acts 4,24; 2 Cor 13,7; Phil 1,3),
  • to the Lord Jesus (Acts 7,59; 2 Cor 12,8; Jak 5,15), and
  • to God our Father (Joh 16:23; Eph 1,3; 3,14; Col 1,3).

Nowhere in the New Testament do we find any reference to a prayer that was said to God the Holy Spirit. Why not? Because the Spirit of God always has a serving function - we want to say that in awe of this divine person. We pray in the power of the Holy Spirit and through Him; He takes care of our weaknesses and intervenes for us when we pray. But we don't pray to Him.

As for the Father and the Son, do not think of it as if these two divine persons could in any way entertain a thought such as "envy" or something like that when we pray to either of them. The Lord Jesus has anyway said that He and the Father are one.

Nevertheless, we find that it is God, the Father, who is the giver of all good gifts (cf. James 1:17). So when it comes to our daily life, our care, our preservation, then we can pray to the Father with boldness. When it comes to worship in spirit and truth, we worship the Father (cf. Jn 4: 23-25). We do this in the name of the Lord Jesus. This is not a formula, but the awareness that we receive every blessing and care from the Son, because the Father never acts without the Son, who laid the foundation for our relationship with the Father.

When it comes to the service of his own, then it is the Lord Jesus who gave gifts to his assembly (community, church) (cf. Eph 4:11 ff.). Therefore, when it comes to our ministry, we pray to the Lord Jesus. This also applies to issues related to following the Lord. And of course we thank our Lord and Savior for dying for us on the cross of Golgotha.

Once again: We are allowed to come to the Lord Jesus with everything; we are also allowed to come to God our Father with everything. We have fellowship with the Father and with the Son through the gift of eternal life. We can discuss this wonderful part with both father and son.