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Which rooms are part of the living space?

According to the German Tenants Association, however, accessories such as lofts, basements, laundry rooms, drying rooms or garages do not count when determining the actual living space. The area of ​​the stairwell is also not included in the rental agreement. So make sure very carefully that the landlord has not inadvertently included these rooms in the calculation.

100 percent: all rooms and room parts with a height of at least two meters, including hall, bathroom, kitchen, toilet, storage rooms. Conservatory, if heated.

Half: the footprint of rooms that are between 1.00 and 1.99 meters high (important for slopes). Conservatory, if not heatable.

To a quarter: Balcony, loggia, terrace, roof garden. In exceptional cases, a higher proportion (maximum 50 percent) will be charged.

The following are not taken into account: Room sections less than one meter high, garage, cellar, attic, boiler rooms, business premises, laundry rooms, storage rooms outside the apartment.

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