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Beware of confusion: first trailer for the Danish superhero comedy "Antboy"

By Tobias Borkowitz - 08/14/2013 at 7:01 PM

For Marvel fans, looking at the headline, the heart could have beat a bit faster at first, this is "just" a Danish adventure comedy and not Edgar Wright's planned comic blockbuster "Ant-Man". Here comes "Antboy" with his first trailer!

Not only does the name "Antboy" resemble that of Edgar Wright's soon-to-be Avenger addition "Ant-Man", there are also other parallels to previous comic book adaptations. The story is reminiscent of Sam Raimi's "Spider-Man" and judging by the humor of the trailer, "Antboy" could be the "kick-ass" for the smaller generation.

In Ask Hasselbalch's feature film debut, the shy little Pelle (Oscar Dietz) gains various superpowers through the bite of an ant. With his best friend, he tests them out and, as the superhero "Antboy", decides to put an end to the criminals. As usual for a superhero, Pelle falls in love with the school beauty, who later falls into the hands of the villain (Nicolas Bro, "Commissioner Lund") ...

The film will celebrate its international premiere in September 2013 at the Toronto Film Festival and can be seen in Denmark's cinemas from October 3, 2013. At the moment there is no German start date.

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