How to Buy Kush In India

Indian Kush

Indian Kush: Ancient Cannabis Genetics

Indian Kush represents the old school Indica strains native to the Hindu Kush Mountains. During the 1960s and 1970s, many hippie travelers became familiar with this magnificent herb. This strain is a hybrid of Indian Black (Black Domina) and OG Kush genetics. It evokes very narcotic and meditative vibrations.

Outdoor growers will see their Indian Kush plants produce 350–500g of resin-coated bud. Indian Kush's terpene profile gives off a very earthy and pine-like essence that smells like northern European forests. Indoor growers can expect 350–500g of weed per square meter. The flowering phase lasts for 60-65 days. This quick flowering period was inherited from her Kush ancestors.

Grow your own Indian Kush

Difficulty level of cultivation
Blooming type
9 weeks
Harvest Time (Outside)
Indoor yield
350-500 g / m²
Yield (outdoors)
350–500g / plant
Interior height
External height