Do you suffer

Translation of "Leiden du" in English

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Do you suffer a special form of schizophrenia?
Even if everything goes smoothly for you for a year, the next year do you suffer maybe a month or six with many problems.
Even though for one year it is so easy, the next year you are suffering for one month or six months with many problems.
One day he was asked by Lucie: "Do you suffer much? - I have such a headache! "He replied," But I will endure it to comfort our Savior. "
One day, Lucia asked him, "Are you suffering very much? "-" My head hurts so much! " he replied, "but I want to endure it to console Our Lord."
Do you suffer the eight sufferings with people, or not? 109.
Do you suffer just as, Niklaus, how my wife suffered?
Do you suffer of complaints?
Chronic dissatisfaction with it do you suffer.
Chronic dissatisfaction, that's what you have.
Alexis Ryan I love climbing because doing it do you suffer.
Maybe do you suffer a little bit of a loss of reality, scouts.
Strictly speaking do you suffer not from insomnia.
Or maybe do you suffer simply under a jet lag.
Maybe do you suffer under the Pes anserinus syndrome.
Either do you suffer really memory loss or you are a psycho.
Now, either you really do have memory loss, or you're a psycho.
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