Did you hide your first tattoo?

Your first tattoo? 10 things you need to know

Do I get it stabbed or not? The uncertainty is great before the first tattoo. Before you rush to the next tattoo studio, there are a few things you should definitely consider beforehand.

Getting a tattoo can be exciting - especially when planning your first tattoo. Prices, pain and procedure - there are a few things you should know beforehand. It starts with the motif and of course everyone wonders if that hurts. Before you get a tattoo, there are a few things you should definitely be clear about - what you have to consider, kukksi sums up here.

You should consider this before your first tattoo

  • The motif: You should definitely know beforehand which motif you actually want to get engraved. If you have a motif, the colors and, above all, the size are also decisive.
  • The body part: This is of course extremely important, because you should think carefully about WHERE you want to get your tattoo on your body. You should be clear about whether your tattoo should be visible or you prefer to hide it.
  • Pain: Sure, getting a tattoo is not entirely painless. Whether you are in severe pain depends on the exact part of your body you are getting tattooed on. It can be particularly painful in the ankles, feet or hands.
  • Find the right studio: Don't pick the first studio you come across just because it's around the corner from you. Check out several studios online and see what other people are writing. Or just drop by and take a close look at the studio. If the studio doesn't look particularly clean, or if anything strikes you, be sure to choose another one. Some artists also only specialize in certain motifs - such as animals. If you don't want an animal motif, the tattoo artist would be rather unsuitable in that case.
  • How much does a tattoo cost? The prices are completely different. But if you go to a well-known tattoo artist, the prices can of course be significantly higher. Basically, you can expect at least 100 euros - per hour.
  • You should consider this before the first tattoo: Before your appointment in the studio is due, you should definitely not drink alcohol! The reason: Under the influence of alcohol you can bleed more while tattooing. Medicines are also taboo. Before the appointment, you should sleep in, eat something and wear clothes that make the area to be tattooed easily accessible.
  • Can you get advice That's fine! Some tattoo studios offer a consultation before the actual appointment, where you can chat with the artist and he will give you answers to all your questions.
  • Consent of your parents: If you are a minor, you cannot just get a tattoo. In that case, you need the consent of your parents.
  • How do I care for my tattoo? Your body can react a little bit sensitive to it at first, because these are also fresh wounds. You should definitely avoid sport, sun or chlorinated water in the beginning. Also, be sure to follow the tattoo artist's care instructions.
  • If you don't like the tattoo after all ... Before you get your first tattoo, you should be clear: it will stay forever! To have it removed again afterwards is possible today, but very cumbersome, painful and also expensive. You can have the tattoo lasered away or simply cover it with a new motif.