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Cosmic law

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Cosmic Law - explained from the yoga point of view

Cosmic law

A cosmic law is a law that exists in all of creation. It can also be called the law of creation. They relate to the entire universe, but also affect the individual in particular and bring them into contact with the cosmic.

A cosmic law is e.g. the law of love: If you send out love, you will also experience love. Likewise, the golden rule: what you don't want someone to do to you, don't do it to anyone else. So if you do something negative, negative will come back to you. On the other hand, if you do something out of the spirit of love, something out of the spirit of love will come back to you.

The law of resonance

The law of resonance says that you attract what you send out. So you can say that like attracts like. So, if you feel that others are always dragging you down or that misfortune always happens to you, then maybe you should work on your thoughts. If you consciously send out thoughts of love, you will receive other thoughts. Yoga exercises can also help you because they increase your energy level. This, in turn, is helpful in controlling your thoughts.

The law of causality

The law of causality is the law of cause and effect - you reap what you looked like. It is similar to the law of resonance, but the law of causality works a little time-shifted.

The law of analogy

The law of analogy says: As above, so below. What can be found in the macrocosm can be found in the microcosm. As inside, so outside - as in heaven, so on earth.

Dealing with the cosmic laws

The most important thing is to live in harmony with other people and connect with the divine. It's about making yourself an instrument of the divine and living in such a way that positive things are achieved. If we regularly turn to God and ask what to do, observing the principle of non-harm and truthfulness, non-stealing and incorruptibility, at the same time being ready to lead a simple life and think sublime, we are observing the most important cosmic ones Laws.

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