Heath Ledger's Joker was a psychopath

The white make-up, the smeared blood-red mouth and the dark-painted eyes: Not only his appearance, but above all Heath Ledger's unbelievable Joker performance in "The Dark Knight" made many people's blood run cold. Ledger was a perfectionist and prepared for THE role of his life.

Was the "Joker" to blame for his death?

At the January 22, 2008 came Heath Ledger dead - it wasn't until nine years later that the New York police revealed what they had found in his apartment. The actor's apartment is said to have been tidy and clean, but one character was present in all rooms: The Joker!

Heath Ledger's apartment was full of creepy clown statues and there was a pile of "Batman" comics and books about clowns. The actor was obsessed with the Joker - he collected tapes on which he practiced his creepy Joker voice and wrote a diary filled with comic excerpts from the "Joker". Strangely, he scribbled the words "bye Bye"…

Did Heath's passion for the Joker lead to undoing? The New York Times revealed that Heath Ledger during filming at most sleep two hours could. Because of the nightly filming in the cold he was sick and exhausted - but he really wanted to finish "The Dark Knight" and therefore resorted to sleeping pills and painkillers ...

Heath Ledger: These roles will not be forgotten either

"Brokeback Mountain"

Heath Ledger received his first Oscar nomination for his role in Brokeback Mountain. In the film he played the gay cowboy "Ennis Del Mar". For Heath Ledger, this was the breakthrough in Hollywood.

"Monster's Ball"

Heath Ledger landed a supporting role in "Monster's Ball". He played "Sonny Grotowski", who shot himself in front of his father in the film.