How do I make a horror film

Horror Movies: Survival Tips for Horror Movie Beginners

If you break into a sweat watching horror films and can't sleep afterwards, you should stick to these five strategies for the fearful.

Halloween is coming up soon. The night of the living dead and the living in disguise gives the horror and horror fans every reason to celebrate. It is more difficult if you are one of the more faint-hearted and winced when spoken to after dark. But you don't want to spoil your friends' fun in the horror movie marathon. Or even be able to have a say when it comes to vampires, monsters and zombies.

There are several ways to face a horror movie and get through the (at least) 90 minutes without a heart attack or chronic sweats. Here are the most important tips for all fearful rabbits:

1. Together you are less alone

If you can somehow avoid it, then you shouldn't watch horror films alone. Especially not on a stormy night, alone in a house that stands in a clearing in the forest. Invite friends who, at best, have just as little experience with horror films and watch the film together.

2. Sorting out

When the "horror buddies" are found, the right film has to be selected. Here you should know that hardly any other genre has so many subgenres as the horror film. In other words, there is something for every taste. Patiently rummage through the content descriptions until you find something that is least fearful.

Basically one can differentiate between a couple of directions: Gothic treats literary models like "Bram Stoker" s Dracula ", the supernatural deals with ghosts and demons like in" Rosemary "s Baby". But the human psyche as in "The Silence of the Lambs" or the mutation of the body in all zombie films are horror topics.

3. Don't scream, but laugh

That's fine. Of course, it works more easily with some films than with others. As a beginner, however, you can try your hand at the horror films of the 1960s and 1970s. The special and visual effects are sometimes so cute that you can't help but laugh at the technology. Comment on what is happening on the screen and create the thought free space: "Yes, it is really very smart to run into the forest all by yourself in the dark when your best friend has just been eaten by a mutated giant spider."

4. The last impression counts

Just worried about survival with the main actor, jumped death by the shovel and somehow escaped the monster. And yet the monster still seems to be hiding in every shadow of its own apartment. In this case, you shouldn't necessarily end the evening with these feelings. Watch a comedy, flirt with the dream prince or sing the favorite Disney songs with a princess. In this way, the monsters in your head disappear on their own.

5. The lone wolf

The friends want to watch the latest horror film in the cinema? That requires training so that you don't embarrass yourself in the dark room. Here the first rule can be disregarded and a film can be watched alone as a test in your own four walls. How does that work best? If you panic, turn off the sound quickly or at least turn the volume down. The music and sound effects in horror films do their job very well. And after the film, it's again: distraction!

The good thing about horror films is that they are basically all very similar. So if you don't just want to watch, but also want to have a say, you should read something about the horror film genre. There is plenty of literature here that explains exactly how a horror film works. The characters, whether monsters or victims, are explained in great detail and the typical plot is made comprehensible. And once the scheme behind it has been discovered, you can not only have a say, but quickly become an expert.