What is the NFL Combine 2019

NFL Scouting Combine

The National Invitation Camp, better known as the NFL Scouting Combine, or Combine for short, will take place from February 24th to March 1st, 2020 at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis. The Combine was first organized in 1977 and takes place annually.

In addition to sporting disciplines, the players complete a drug test, a medical check and an intelligence test. In addition, the players are completely measured. There is also the opportunity to conduct interviews with interested NFL teams and make initial contacts. The general managers of the NFL teams meet at the edge of the Combines, exchange ideas, sound out transfers if necessary and maintain contacts.

In the early days, the media interest in the Combine was still manageable. NFL Network now broadcasts many hours live each year. In Germany, the Combine can be received via the NFL Gamepass Europe.

The scouting

The scouting of the individual players who take part in the Combine, of course, took place much earlier or takes place continuously.

The NFL teams have their own scouting departments to look for new talent in the colleges. However, it is hardly possible to keep a complete eye on the “market”. Today, computer-based statistics are ubiquitous and no longer a special thing. Such computers still cost a lot of money in the 1960s. During this time, some teams joined forces and bundled their strengths.

In 1963 the Lions, Eagles and Steelers merged to form LESTO (Lions, Eagles and Steelers Talent Organization). When the Bears joined, the organization was renamed BLESTO. As a result, the Vikings, Bills Colts and Dophins joined and the name was expanded several times. The Bears and Eagles are no longer members of BLESTO, which still exists and is one of the two major scouting organizations.

In 1964, the CEPO (Central Eastern Personal Organization) was founded by the Colts, Browns, Packers and Cardinals. With the entry of the Falcons, Giants and Redskins, the name was changed to United Scouting and finally to National Football Scouting. There are currently 18 teams represented in this organization, which is now only called The National.

In addition, there was the Troika, or Quadra, an association of cowboys, Rams and 49ers, and later the Saints. These teams are now part of The National.

Six teams (Ravens, Bears, Browns, Colts, Patriots and Raiders) currently do not belong to either organization.

BLESTO and The National are now professional companies that collect data and statistics on young players, process them and make them available to the teams. The 28 NFL teams pay an annual membership fee and send a representative from the field of scouting.

The Combine is the result of the screening of promising talents who can present themselves in the various disciplines.

The selection process

Any senior college player who would also be eligible to participate in the next draft can participate in the Combine. The players cannot register themselves. Each NFL team can suggest which players they would like to see. A committee then decides on the selection of the individual players and invites them to the combine. The selection of the criteria is just as unknown as the concrete composition of the committee. According to nflcombine.net, the committee consists of the chairmen of The National and BLESTO as well as individual representatives of the 28 members. The composition of the committee changes annually. According to the company, the best talents should be invited. Up to 335 players can take part in the Combine.

The disciplines

The most popular disciplines are presented in more detail below. You can also watch a short video on Youtube for this, so that you get a more precise impression of what exactly it is.

40-yard dash

Players must sprint a distance of 40 yards and should stay under 4.5 seconds. This is all about speed, which has become important for all parts of the team.

Bench press

The bench press involves players lifting 225 pounds as often as they can. Above all, it depends on the strength and the player can show that he is able to block an opponent and "push away". This is an important criterion, especially for linemen. The record is 49 repetitions!

Vertical jump

The players jump as high as possible from a standing position and touch a measuring scale with an outstretched hand.

Broad jump

In Broad Jump, the players jump from a standing position as far as they can.

Shuttle drill

With the shuttle drill, players can put their skills to the test when changing direction quickly. Three cones are placed 5 yards apart. The player starts at the middle cone and on command sprints 5 yards to the right, changes direction at the cone, sprints to the left cone, also changes direction and sprints back over the middle cone.

3 cone drill

In the 3-cone drill, the players should show that they can run around an obstacle or change direction in a confined space. Among other things, this property is important for wide receivers who have to get past the opposing cornerback. This happens either by a quick change of direction and / or by "walking around" the opponent in a small area.

The Wonderlic test

The Wonderlic test is an intelligence test. 50 questions must be answered in 12 minutes. 20 points correspond to an IQ of 100. It is assumed that the higher the intelligence of a player, the higher the probability that he can understand and implement complex moves. The results of this test are not publicly available but are made available to the NFL teams.

Participants and schedule

You can find an overview of the participants in this year's Combine here:

Participant NFL Scouting Combine

Here you can find the official schedule for the Combine sorted by player position:

Schedule NFL Scouting Combine

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