Why are people prone to audio transcription

How long does it take to transcribe an interview?
30 minutes of interview mean that the transcription takes 2.5 to 5 hours. Thus 5 to 10 times more time than the audio recording. This amount of time is often underestimated.

Interviews are used for different purposes.

Information or knowledge research for a bachelor's or master's thesis, consumer surveys as part of market research or expert interviews, to name just a few.

What they all have in common: The subsequent processing and further analysis.

This requires very careful transcription, i.e. the written form of the interview. Depending on the requirements, special transcription rules apply. Details on the most common sets of rules can be found on our website pullmedia.de.

Example bachelor thesis.
It involves several steps:
Preparation (define research goal, method, find interview partners, create structured guidelines, provide equipment)
Conducting the interviews
Prepare transcripts
Evaluation and analysis
Theses and submission

A lot of time is invested in the preparation and implementation. After completion, the scientific work must be brought into the required content and visual form of presentation and then go to print and binding.

The bottleneck, the organizational weak point, is often the transcription of the expert interviews. She does most of the work by far.

One solution is to outsource these non-specialist activities to a transcription service provider such as pullmedia.de, which specializes in transcription. We take care of that and you concentrate on your core tasks and continue working with the finished transcripts.

Tip: The better the quality of the audio recording, the more accurate and complete the transcript.

Depending on the requirements, it doesn't have to be professional equipment. For bachelor or master theses, a smartphone with the appropriate app, a dictation machine placed next to the phone or a recording using a video conference tool is often sufficient.

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