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Vinted - the shopping app for second-hand fashion

The name Kleiderkreisel or Mamikreisel is certainly still a household name for fashion fans. Both apps are now combined in one app under the name Vinted, but the principle is still the same. Lovers of great second-hand fashion will find a huge selection of potential new favorites via the shopping app. And Vinted is also the right sales platform for clearing out your own wardrobe or for converting items that no longer fit or have been bought incorrectly into cash. If you prefer to swap, the app can also be used as a clothes swap exchange.

The range of second-hand fashion on offer is huge: whether elegant evening dresses, coats, handbags, sportswear, sneakers or high heels - all kinds of fashion can be bought, sold or exchanged here! For all categories it is essential to have beautiful photos in which details can be clearly seen. You can read how to take good photos with your smartphone under the linked article on the magazine. The pieces can be conveniently filtered according to size, sub-categories, brands, prices and special tags, so that you can find what you are looking for more quickly. If you would like to sell yourself, you can also advertise items of clothing on Vinted for free. You can also offer children's items that are no longer required. If the child has one growth spurt after the other, it can happen that clothes that are rarely worn become too small. On Vinted you can buy and sell these children's clothes very cheaply.

If there is interest in buying a certain item, the prospective buyer and seller can easily clarify the details by private message. The shopping app also lives from its loyal fashion community. In addition to buying, selling and swapping fashion, the exchange of new fashion trends and styles in the forum plays an important role. Fashion apps offer additional inspiration.