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Super Bowl 2021 in re-live for reading: Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. Kansas City Chiefs

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers won Super Bowl LV against the Kansas City Chiefs. Tom Brady picked up his seventh ring. SPOX accompanied the events in north Florida in the live ticker, you can read it here.

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Super Bowl 2021 in re-live for reading: Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. Kansas City Chiefs

4th quarter: So this is the end of this crazy season. It was outstanding that the season could actually be carried out this way. I say goodbye and thank everyone who read along. We'll see you again in over 200 days - when the regular season begins in 2021.

4th quarter: Brady, who was voted Super Bowl MVP, raises the trophy: "How 'bout that?" And he confirms: "I'll be back." So Brady will definitely play next season as well.

4th quarter: The Bucs are now on top of the podium. Roger Goodell praises the season's execution, Joel Glazer first thanks all the healthcare workers. And Bruce Arians? He praises his players. He himself "did nothing at all".

4th quarter: The Patriots speak up: "Congratulations to the greatest of all time", congratulations to the greatest of all time. Classy.

4th quarter: The Buccaneers will become the first team in NFL history to win the Super Bowl at home. Tom Brady meanwhile wins his seventh Super Bowl - more than any franchise in the NFL.

4th quarter: It gets even harder! With the courage of desperation, Mahomes throws again into the end zone, but Devin White intercepts the pass. Second interception, the Bucs will win this game.

4th quarter: The game remains the same: Mahomes runs for his life and tries to throw desperation throws - without a chance. Meanwhile he had to take several really hard hits. This game should be a prime example of the importance of offensive (and defensive) lines.

4th quarter: A speedster on the field should of course not be missing. Short break.

4th quarter: The pass rushers of the Bucs simply march through their opponents, the tackles of the Chiefs have no answer. That might be one of the biggest mismatches in the history of the Super Bowl. Incredible!

4th quarter: Mahomes simply doesn't stand a chance. The QB repeatedly dodges rushers, he still makes crazy throws even under pressure - but nothing works under these circumstances. It has to be said so clearly. Fourth Down, Incompletion. That should have been it for good.

3rd quarter: Kansas City moves the ball better now. However, Mahomes remains under constant pressure. And: The Chiefs don't play fast enough. There are 15 minutes left to make up a 22-point deficit.

3rd quarter: The Bucs make a big mistake, Jensen snaps the ball over Brady's head. Doesn't matter! Succop hits the field goal from 52 yards. 22 point game. Does anyone here still believe in a comeback for the Chiefs?

3rd quarter: Everything goes against the Chiefs. Mahomes is under pressure with virtually every dropback. A sack is followed by a throw under pressure - the pass is defended, interception! If the Bucs stop making serious mistakes, they will leave the field as winners.

3rd quarter: Or not? The Chiefs have no defensive answer to the Bucs, Fournette walks into the end zone. Incredible. What's wrong with the favorite? 28: 9 Bucs. The Chiefs now need touchdowns on every drive.

3rd quarter: Should Kansas City have played fourth down here by now? Various models are unsure. Because the kick was hit, it was probably the right decision.

3rd quarter: Lavonte David! The Bucs linebacker, who is still underestimated, pushes a fourth-and-seven against Patrick Mahomes, who is once again under pressure, at third down. Harrison Butker hits the field goal, but three points are not enough for KC ...

Halftime: What conclusions did the Chiefs draw from the first half? But more runs? More fast passes? Somehow KC will have to relieve its own O-Line, in particular Andrew Wylie was noticeably overwhelmed in the first round.

Halftime: About the show: The Weeknd actually appears alone - without any other stars at its side. The question: Wanted or had to? The hundreds of masked men at the end of Blinding Lights were definitely something new. How did you like the show?

Halftime: So we are waiting eagerly. I'll just say this much: this game is definitely not yet over. And while we wait, first of all: halftime show!

Halftime: It is encouraging that KC has often come back from major backlogs. And that they get the ball at the beginning of the second half. The Chiefs will have to make some changes at halftime.

Halftime: The Bucs go into halftime with a 21: 6 lead - even though they were stopped by the one-yard line on a fourth-and-goal. Brady and Co. were definitely a bit lucky with some flags, but from the Chiefs this is simply a disappointing performance so far.

2nd quarter: Some of these flags will still be discussed, however. In particular Mathieu's alleged foul on Mike Evans right now. Brady had clearly thrown the ball away, but a pass must be catchable by the receiver to justify a pass interference penalty. I have to say: In my opinion, that was a wrong decision.

2nd quarter: And that's coming. Mathieu also gets a flag against him. Brady is allowed to throw from the one-yard line and finds Antonio Brown. 21: 6. Wow.

2nd quarter: And there is the big play! Brady goes deep, Breeland lost a one-on-one with Mike Evans (again). Breeland trips and brings Evans down on the heel. That gives a mega-penalty and the Bucs actually get another chance of a touchdown pass.

2nd quarter: Very strange decisions now from both coaches. The Bucs actually need a longer drive to score another field goal, but they run the ball at First Down. The Chiefs then take two timeouts and thus stop the clock. KC wants the ball back again, but it doesn't work.

2nd quarter: But they don't get the touchdown. The Chiefs' offensive line is - as expected - a real problem. Mahomes is always under pressure and has to make almost every throw with an opponent in his face. So far the game is clearly going for the Bucs.

2nd quarter: And she does. Again and again, Mahomes finds Kelce over the middle. With all the completions and two runs, the Chiefs take a lot of time from the clock. So far everything went against Kansas City, but now a touchdown and then the ball at the beginning of the second half - and the Chiefs could lead again.

2nd quarter: Brady simply has too much time in the pocket; he can read the entire field. Now the Chiefs Offense has to wake up!

2nd quarter: The Bucs shoot the field goal, but Antonio Hamilton has positioned himself incorrectly, there is a penalty and thus a first down for Tampa Bay. Brady finds Gronkowski in the end zone. Touchdown, you just can't allow yourself that in the Super Bowl, Kansas City!

2nd quarter: Hui! A pass from Brady is deflected on the line of scrimmage, Mathieu records an acrobatic interception. But: Charvarius Ward keeps his opponent on the outside. Punishment, First Down Bucs. So luck for Tampa Bay this time!

2nd quarter: Now the nerves also come into play. Tommy Townsend slipped his punt over his foot, he only made 29 yards. The Bucs take over in a very good field position.

2nd quarter: The Chiefs Offense still has a lot, a lot going on. Mahomes is under pressure again at third down, he finds Travis Kelce, but the tight end drops the ball. This does not look good...

2nd quarter: Interesting: Sarah Thomas is the first female referee in the history of the Super Bowl to be on the field today. And: You just made the decision that the Bucs did not score a touchdown, so Jones had run too short. Rightly!

2nd quarter: Wow! What hits are the Chiefs unpacking here at the goal line? Twice the Bucs let Ronald Jones run here, twice the running back is hit in such a way that he doesn't move a millimeter forwards at all. So KC stops Tampa Bay at Fourth Down. Big play! Should Leonard Fournette have run here? What do you all mean?

2nd quarter: Big Play Brady on Mike Evans across the middle, Bashaud Breeland has noticeably struggled so far. The chiefs' starting problems remain. But it's more than that: Kansas City has already scored twice today. In the two previous playoff games: Once.

2nd quarter: The famous momentum goes in the direction of the Chiefs ... After a pass-play by the Bucs, Chris Jones gives Ryan Jensen a punch on the face mask. That gives a penalty, 15 yards. KC can't afford to do something like that ...

2nd quarter: And it stays that way: The Chiefs call a screen pass at Third-and-10, incomplete! Wow.

1st quarter: The first quarter is played and Mahomes has nine (!) Passing yards. Yeah, nine. Anyone who bet on something like this before the game should now be a rich man. An outstanding job of the Bucs Defense.

1st quarter: An almost unbelievable statistic: It is Brady's first touchdown in the first quarter of a Super Bowl (in his tenth Super Bowl!). Another statistic: It was Brady's 13th touchdown pass to Gronkowski in the playoffs. The duo thus overtakes Joe Montana and Jerry Rice.

1st quarter: Go ahead, Bucs! Tampa Bay unpacks its play-action game, the O-Line holds and the Bucs march down the field. Brady on Gronk, 7-3!

1st quarter: Spagnuolo isn't the only defensive coordinator who can get creative. At Third-and-11, the Bucs bring BOTH cornerbacks - who's expecting that? -, Mahomes dissolves strongly in the pocket, but his deep pass is well defended. Shootout? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that! Harrison Butkers field goal ensures the first points of the game. 3-0 Chiefs.

1st quarter: Spagnuolo isn't the only defensive coordinator who can get creative. At Third-and-11 the Bucs bring BOTH cornerbacks - who's expecting that? -, Mahomes dissolves strongly in the pocket, but his deep pass is well defended. Shootout? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that! Harrison Butkers field goal ensures the first points of the game. 3-0 Chiefs.

1st quarter: The playoffs remain Frank Clark's specialty. In the regular season, the pass rusher often disappointed, but he now has eleven sacks in eleven playoff games. Outstanding! And three and a half quarters are still to come ...

1st quarter: It won't be like that today, Bucs. Tampa Bay has to punt again after a first down, Brady is sacked at third down. Steve Spagnuolo had his two best pass rushers play on the same side of the line and they did a stunt. So Clark moved from the outside to the inside, Jones from the inside to the outside. Uncomfortable for the offensive line. Spags on fire!

1st quarter: It was noticeable: The Bucs played base defense against the 12-person Chiefs. That means: with three linebackers against two tight ends. This usually allows you to defend the run better, but you are more vulnerable to the pass. So far, Kansas City has only passed. Let's see if Todd Bowles keeps this plan ...

1st quarter: Hui! On the Chiefs side, Mahomes goes deep twice, both times looking for Mecole Hardman. First, the reigning Super Bowl MVP throws his Speedster, however, Jamel Dean had defended him well. Shortly thereafter, Mahomes had Hardman open, but there was a slight misunderstanding between the two. Mahomes' pass lands too far out.

1st quarter: The Chiefs also face a third-and-medium, the decimated O-Line of the Chiefs wobbles noticeably. But: Mahomes proves a quality that is still undervalued: his scrambling. The Bucs play Man Coverage, so the left side of the field is completely uncovered.

1st quarter: Not a good start for the Bucs, three-and-out. Tampa Bay begins - somewhat surprisingly - with play action, but the short pass to Chris Godwin is well defended. There follows a little creative run through the middle. Then interesting: In Third-and-Six, Steve Spagnuolo brings "the house", so he flashes with more than five pass rushers. Brady brings the ball out quickly, but Godwin cannot control the pass on his out route.

Before start: By the way, I will try not only to give the score during the game, but also to provide a few analyzes and impressions, as well as to bring you closer to highlights from social media. So even if you watch the game live, you should hopefully find something worth reading here!

Before start: Coin toss: The Chiefs choose heads and heads come. Kansas City surrendered possession at first half, however, and the Bucs started with the ball.

Before start: Amanda Gorman recites a poem before the kickoff. Gorman had become known when Joe Biden was sworn in, and the young poet had already performed at that time.

Before start: Never forgot a word - that happened to Christian Aguilera in 2011 - everything was carried out solidly. It follows: The coin toss. And then it goes round!

Before start: Now "America the beaufiful" is played. Today performed by H.E.R.

Before start: What about the injured? Antonio Brown and Cameron Brate should be "full go", so they should be able to play without any problems. Things look worse for Antoine Winfield Jr., who suffers from a serious shoulder injury. We'll see how much safety can play.

Before start: Let's go! The teams are running in! The Bucs kick off as a home team. Tom Brady is clearly motivated.

Before start: The prize for the best shoes in the Super Bowl today definitely goes to Chiefs-Safety Juan Thornhill. Its "cleats" are based on the "Sweet Victory" performance of SpongeBob SquarePants from his Super Bowl halftime show. Hot parts!

Before start: Less than 20 minutes, I'm hot! Is it you too? Tony Romo and Jim Nantz, the commentators on CBS definitely are. And: Nantz wears a purple tie, there was a good quota for that before the game! You can read the craziest Super Bowl bets here shortly before the kickoff.

Before start: The pre-game ceremonial appearances will now begin. "Lift every voice and sing, also known unofficially as the black national anthem of the United States, is the first to be sung. Before this, players who raise awareness of inequality in the United States have their say.

Before start: Incidentally, three police officers, Mike Fanone, Daniel Hodges and Lila Morris, are invited to the Super Bowl as guests of the NFL today. Fanone, Hodges and Morris work in Washington and defended the Capitol on January 6th against the angry mob of Trump supporters. The family of Officer Brian Sicknick, who died in the attack, is also at the game.

Before start: Again to the injured situation. As already mentioned, all top performers on both sides will be there - whether they are at 100 percent is of course another matter. That means: Le'Veon Bell and Clyde Edwards-Helaire will also play. CEH should have looked very good again in training, we are curious to see how the chiefs will distribute their touches in the backfield.

NFL - Super Bowl LV: These are weirdest bets before Super Bowl LV

Before start: Are you still relatively new to football or are you more of a casual fan than a die-hard expert? No problem! We have what you need: Our NFL glossary with all the terms that are important in football. From "0 as in 0 technique" to "K as in Kneeldown" to "Z as in Zone Defense", everything is explained here!

Before start: Because of "just before halfway" - the roster lists for the Super Bowl are there. And: all top performers can play! Antonio Brown, Sammy Watkins, Jordan Whitehead and Antoine Winfield Jr. are all on the active roster.

These players won't play today:

Bucs: Ryan Griffin, Drew Stanton, Justin Watson, Ke'Shawn Vaughn, Antony Auclair, Khalil Davis, Jeremiah Ledbetter.

Chiefs: Matt Moore, Darwin Thompson, Ricky Seals-Jones, Khalen Saunders, Tim Ward, BoPete Keyes, Chris Lammons.

Before start: I also have a fun fact up my sleeve for all kicker fans out there. The Raymond James Stadium, where the game is played today, makes it easier for kickers kicking northwards than kickers across the field. In the past, more field goals were hit in the direction of the pirate ship than on the other side. Keep an eye on that, it may actually become a factor in the game!

Before start: Who will win the big game today? In our Super Bowl panel, three out of four experts bet on the chiefs, my colleagues Adrian Franke (here) and Marcus Blumberg (here) both bet on the chiefs. And the players also give their tips. Marlon Humphrey, Pro Bowl cornerback of the Ravens, also relies on the Chiefs via Twitter. Teammate Ronnie Stanley holds against it: The left tackle sees the Bucs at an advantage.

Before start: A step away from outfits and private planes towards the sporty. We are of course eagerly awaiting the squad announcements of both teams. Can Antonio Brown and Sammy Watkins actually both play? The official team lists should arrive shortly before eleven thirty.

Before start: Peyton Manning is also at the Super Bowl. The newly minted Hall of Famer traveled with his son - in a private plane that mere mortals can only dream of. Here you can see the plane. Runs by good old Peyton ...

Before start: Tanoh Kpassagnon arrived at the Chiefs in one of the best suits I have ever seen (here is the picture). At the Bucs, center Ryan Jensen showed up in a t-shirt that had Tom Brady's legendary Combine photo printed on it (you can see the photo here). What do you think: which outfit is the stronger?

Before start: Both teams have already arrived at Raymond James Stadium, so there were no complications with the journey, either with the Chiefs' first or second plane. And there are some fashionable eye-catchers. Be ready.

Before start: But the Bucs don't have to hide either. In their ranks is Tom Brady, who wants to win his seventh title in the NFL. With that he would have lifted more Lombardi Trophies than any other franchise has in the showcase. A spectacle is inevitable!

Before start: The Chiefs, in turn, could become the first team since the Patriots of the 2004 season to successfully defend their Super Bowl title. They are definitely equipped for this, as they have arguably the best quarterback in the NFL, Patrick Mahomes.

Before start: Welcome to the culmination of a long football season - Super Bowl LV! For the first time, Big Game is a real home game, as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers compete in their local Raymond James Stadium. We will provide you with the latest information until the kick-off.

Super Bowl 2021 live: Overview of data for broadcasting on TV and live stream

Super Bowl 2021 in the live ticker: The data for the game

  • Teams: Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. Kansas City Chiefs
  • Date: 08.02.2021
  • Kickoff German time: 00:30 am
  • Stadion: Raymond James Stadium, Tampa
  • Halftime Act: The Weeknd
  • Chief Referee: Carl Cheffers

Super Bowl 2021 in the live ticker: The preliminary report on the duel Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. Kansas City Chiefs - "Corona Bowl": No parties, strict rules and a generation duel

Experts and officials warn fans about parties, among the only 25,000 fans in the stadium are 7,500 (vaccinated) nurses with free tickets. The 55th Super Bowl is a little different than the previous editions, the focus is on the generation duel of the quarterbacks.

The all-inclusive package is available at the entrance to the Raymond James Stadium. The so-called PPE kit for the spectators includes a white face mask with the logo of the Super Bowl LV, disinfectant gel for the hands and a note card are included. For the 55th edition of the football spectacle, strict rules not only apply on the field.

Only 25,000 fans are allowed to attend the "Corona Bowl" in Tampa / Florida, among them 7,500 (vaccinated) nurses who received free tickets from the National Football League (NFL) as thanks for their work in the pandemic. They too must wear masks if they are not "actively eating or drinking" as the instructions say. And they too have to adhere to distance rules, on the stands, in the elevator ("stands in the corners"), on the escalator.

At the slightly different Super Bowl, at least in terms of sport, everything is going as almost always. Tom Brady is in the spotlight again, with the tenth finals the superstar makes history, with his 43 years and 188 days the quarterback is also the oldest player who has ever played in a US professional league final.

But that's not all. If Brady, the GOAT (Greatest Of All Time), the greatest of all time, wins the title on Monday night (12:30 a.m.) at the end of his first season with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, he can win the Vince Lombardi Trophy in his own stadium Stretch height. No franchise has ever played for the grand prize at home.

In the way are the Kansas City Chiefs, the defending champion with playmaker Patrick Mahomes (25), who was six years old when his opponent first appeared in the Super Bowl. The Chiefs are the bookmakers' favorite, but Brady, who triumphed six times with the New England Patriots, is well known to be able to do anything.

It comes to a duel of the generations, and Mahomes is considered Brady's designated successor. He will probably be the face of the league when the long-term winner stops. That's why the game is so interesting. "It's as if LeBron (James) and (Michael, d. Red.) Jordan would play against each other in the NBA final," said former quarterback and now TV expert Tony Romo. This gigantic duel never happened in basketball.

Far away from sport, Corona dominates the Super Bowl, which will again draw a good 100 million Americans in front of the screens. If possible, football fans should watch the game in their own living room, with their families, and not with their friends.

"As fun as Super Bowl parties are, this is not the time," said virologist Anthony Fauci, chief medical advisor to US President Joe Biden. Because "things" like holidays, Christmas, New Year's Eve or Thanksgiving would always cause a spike in the number of infections. So potentially the Super Bowl too.

Traditional tailgating is prohibited in the parking lot in front of the arena, where fans gather around the open tailgate of their pick-ups, grill and drink beer from cool boxes. Apart from the 25,000 lucky ones with tickets, everyone has to watch TV. Singer The Weeknd, who invests seven million dollars out of his own pocket, is responsible for the halftime show. It remains a mega-event, even in the midst of the pandemic. (Source:SID)

Super Bowl 2021: All of Tom's NFL playoffs at a glance

Tom Brady has won the Super Bowl six times with the New England Patriots, and on Monday night the quarterback will be in his tenth NFL final after joining the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Since his draft in the professional football league in 2000, the superstar has participated in 48 percent of all finals. The "Brady Finals" at a glance:

Super Bowl XXXVI (36), February 3, 2002 (New Orleans / Louisiana): NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS - St. Louis Rams 20:17

  • At the age of 24, Tom Brady first played in the Super Bowl - in his only second season for the New England Patriots, in which he replaced Drew Bledsoe as number one in the quarterback position in the main round after his injury. In the final, the playmaker delivers 16 of 27 passes for 145 yards. And he brings kicker Adam Vinatieri into position, who converts the field goal to 20:17 against the St. Louis Rams at the end of the game.

Super Bowl XXXVIII (38), February 1, 2004 (Houston / Texas): NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS - Carolina Panthers 32:29

  • After the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Brady's current club, won their only title to date in 2003, the quarterback is back in the final in 2004. This time it is against the Carolina Panthers, Brady throws three touchdowns and provides 354 yards of space with 32 passes. After the Nipplegate scandal in the halftime show, when Justin Timberlake exposed Janet Jackson's chest, the decision was made like two years earlier. Vinatieri sinks a field goal to the final score.

Super Bowl XXXIX (39), February 6, 2005 (Jacksonville / Florida): NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS - Philadelphia Eagles 24:21

  • It's tight, only in the last quarter Vinatieri brings the Patriots forward to 24:14 with a field goal. The Eagles around quarterback Donovan McNabb can shorten 1:48 minutes before the end, it is no longer enough for a comeback. MVP, most valuable player, will not be Brady for once, but Wide Receiver Deion Branch. New England became the second team after the Dallas Cowboys to win three titles in four years.

Super Bowl XLII (42), February 3, 2008 (Glendale / Arizona): NEW YORK GIANTS - New England Patriots 17:14

  • For the first time in two consecutive years Brady was only a spectator at the final, this time he is back and experiences a disappointment. The Patriots lead against Eli Manning's New York Giants 35 seconds before the end, then wide receiver Plaxico Burress ends the Giants' drive with a touchdown after a 13-yard pass from Manning. New England couldn't answer the last time they had possession, Brady was beaten for the first time.

Super Bowl XLVI (46), February 5, 2012 (Indianapolis / Indiana): NEW YORK GIANTS - New England Patriots 21:17

  • Four years pass before the next finals, again it's against the Giants, again Brady draws the short straw. This time running back Ahmad Bradshaw brings New York to victory with a touchdown 57 seconds before the end. Brady throws a "Hail Mary", a high despair throw, but it doesn't work. The trauma haunts him to this day. "I've met Tom a few times and never talked about the Super Bowls. He always starts with it," Manning said last.

Super Bowl XLIX (49), February 1, 2015 (Glendale / Arizona): NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS - Seattle Seahawks 28:24

  • The Patriots meet defending champions Seattle Seahawks and triumph for the first time in ten years. It looks bad in crunch time. 1:05 minutes before the end, the Seahawks create a first down at the opponent's five-yard line. Running back Marshawn Lynch brings the ball within one yard of the end zone, but does not get it afterwards, quarterback Russell Wilson makes an interception. Brady throws four touchdowns in this game, his 37 successful passes are the Super Bowl record at the time. Brady later improved it himself to 43. The game is the most successful TV broadcast in US history with an average of 114.442 million viewers.

Super Bowl LI (51), February 5, 2017 (Houston / Texas): NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS - Atlanta Falcons 34:28 a.d.

  • The Patriots are in the final for the ninth time - a record. And you will experience an unforgettable evening. Brady and his team are 3:28 behind in the middle of the third quarter, then the biggest comeback in Super Bowl history begins. New England made 25 points in a row and forced overtime, running back James White made the win with a touchdown. More than 30 NFL records are broken in the spectacle, Brady receives the MVP award for the fourth time - as the first player at the age of 39.

Super Bowl LII (52), February 4, 2018 (Minneapolis / Minnesota), PHILADELPHIA EAGLES - New England Patriots 41:33

  • It's against the Philadelphia Eagles. They are going with quarterback Nick Foles, who took over the job after a cruciate ligament tear at the actual number one Carson Wentz. The Patriots are favorites, also because of this personality. But the Eagles take the lead 41:33 shortly before the end, Brady has to try a "Hail Mary" again - and fails again.

Super Bowl LIII (53), February 3, 2019 (Atlanta / Georgia): NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS - Los Angeles Rams 13: 3

New England takes the sixth Super Bowl and draws level with record winner Pittsburgh Steelers. The Rams have the chance to take revenge in 2002, but don't use it in one of the most disappointing finals in history. Never before have so few points been scored in the final. With ten passports caught, wide receiver Julian Edelman is elected MVP. But Brady is now the sole record holder with six Super Bowl rings. (Source:SID)