Why trading has become so popular

Why e-commerce continues to grow steadily from year to year

It's gotten late again at work! And the traffic jam on the way home didn't make the entire time management any more positive.

Already deprived of its time and accordingly stressed, it comes to mind that your best friend's birthday party is taking place the next evening. Are you still going on extra to buy a present? Yes, when do you have time for yourself?

Surely you know such a scenario all too well. Your own time is becoming increasingly scarce, and it is correspondingly more difficult to shovel free time away from work and family. How good that online retail helps you out of trouble at precisely such moments.

Never before have people around the world ordered as much as they do today. The advantages are simply too great to see a turnaround in this trend that has lasted for decades.

Numbers clearly confirm the picture

Access to the Internet heralded the triumph of e-commerce. Even in the early years, it was possible to generate annual sales figures of around 6.4 billion euros - and that in Germany alone.

If you look at the sales figures for 2018, you quickly realize that online trading has developed into a sales tool that has become indispensable. Sales in the same year amounted to an impressive 53.3 billion euros.

Even if some industries can derive greater advantages from online trading, the statistics can still be used to summarize that all product groups offered on the Internet were able to achieve an average increase of 10.8 percent per year. An impressive number that clearly reflects the importance of online trading.

In 2019, too, we cannot perceive any change with regard to this development. The turnover in B2C e-commerce will amount to 57.8 billion euros at the end of the year, as the forecast published by the German Retail Association shows. Compared with the sales figures achieved last year, this corresponds to an increase of 9 percent. On the customer side, online trading continues to be in tune with the times and looks forward to a bright future.

Changing buying behavior on the customer side

It goes without saying that the customer plays a key role in the success of online trading. But why is that so? It almost seems as if people have also drastically changed their own thought patterns with advancing digitization. You have become more comfortable and enjoy the freedom to make purchases with a wide variety of end devices and, above all, to carry out preparatory actions.

This means that nowadays you no longer have to be convinced in the shop, but rather you can let the information banter take place in the comfort of your home. With just a few clicks you have access to reviews, descriptions, product data and the like and can get in the right mood for your purchase goal.

Start price comparison at the push of a button

In addition, customers no longer have to wander through countless shops to be sure of the best price on the market. Intelligent price comparison portals make it possible in a short time that the best price for the desired product is displayed at the push of a button. With just a few clicks you can use your selected category or the selected keyword to advance to the corresponding dealer platforms in order to obtain your product there in a time-saving and complication-free manner. A clear presentation of the respective prices ensures that you always get the biggest bargain.

Price comparisons generate enormous benefits on the customer side and are also involved in the steady increase in online trading. Simply put it in the shopping cart and wait until the postman rings the doorbell a few days later. No stress in the store, no time wasted - what more could you want

Retailers are changing course

Digitization is ensuring that retailers are gradually drifting towards online retail. Of course, most of them still have a shop on site, but you want to benefit from online trading as an additional measure and adapt your business model accordingly.

Most of the retailers are not afraid of the top dogs a la Amazon and Ebay, rather they see the portals as an opportunity to initiate a positive corporate image there and to sell their own goods via the existing portal.

On the other hand, the implementation of your own online shops on your personal website is becoming increasingly popular. With this approach, you can enable your own customers to purchase their own goods and services around the clock. In terms of sales and customer loyalty, such innovations and implementations can be expected to increase considerably.

So - cell phone, laptop or tablet in hand and the great shopping pleasure can begin. Online trading will probably continue to consolidate from year to year and make our lives less complicated.