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Exceptional 3D images by Benoit Challand

The digital artist and creator of extraordinary 3D images Benoit Challand is our designer in May. His unique, daring and above all humorous style, as well as his playful use of colors and textures caught our eye immediately. We spoke to him to find out more about this versatile designer who has already worked on campaigns for Jean Paul Gaultier, Nissan and Ray-Ban has worked.


ADOBE STOCK: Can you tell us something about yourself and your background as an artist?

Benoit Challand: Hello, my name is Benoit but everyone calls me Ben. I am 30 years old and have been working as a freelance artist since 2009. My studio is in the middle of Lyon in France. From there I have a great view of the Rhône. I share the studio with 20 colleagues, some of whom I've known for more than ten years. We celebrate together, organize events, often eat Japanese, exchange news and help each other with technical questions. In addition, our days are also characterized by the daily Fifa games. So much for my work environment. Every day I pick up my son from school at half past six in the evening and then continue to work from home from around nine o'clock. Usually it gets pretty late by then - if you work independently, you know what I'm talking about.


ADOBE STOCK: How did your professional career as a digital artist begin?

Benoit Challand: I started as a digital art director for a web company in Paris and worked there for two years. In my free time I did a lot with 3D. Whether web design, motion design or 3D art: I was always looking for something new or a challenge. In 2012 I decided to make a clean cut - I went to Madrid and worked mainly on 3D images. That's how I found out that this was exactly what I really wanted to do. At the beginning of 2014 my son was born and together with my wife I decided to go back to Lyon. We are here to this day.


ADOBE STOCK: How do you perceive stock images, and how do you think this perception changes?

Benoit Challand: Stock images are of fundamental importance for the preparatory layout design before the actual production. When I have to do a design very quickly and need light or texture references, stock images are essential for me. I also use stock images for the finishing touches to make illustrations more lifelike with complex and organic shapes.

The integration of Adobe Stock in Photoshop CC optimizes my entire workflow. I can search for content, just place it in the layout and see whether it fits or not. The whole thing is not only free at first, but also makes the workflow extremely relaxed.


ADOBE STOCK: How would you describe your style?

Benoit Challand: I don't follow any particular style - that would be boring. I am convinced that if I do everything the same way, I cannot develop any further. I am always looking for new ideas and trying things I am not familiar with so that I can develop myself further. I love the moment when you happen to create something unexpected and turn on the little lamp in your head that says: "I've got something!"

After a few years I realized that my work was actually divided into three parts: illustrations, set design and typography. I just enjoy illustrations. For example, when I'm working on serious things, I sometimes come up with unexpected and crazy worlds, like the Octopus Kingdom, on the side.


Set design is more about highlighting products in a sophisticated way. You are not completely free in what you do, you have to follow the brand identity and a certain aesthetic. Maison Orcia and Jean Paul Gaultier are good examples of what I like about set design.


I see typography as a kind of lettering or signature. To do this, I play around with entire fonts instead of designing letters individually.

ADOBE STOCK: Where do you find inspiration?

Benoit Challand: I find a lot of inspiration while surfing the internet. But also in exhibitions, street culture, while eating, in fashion and even in comics. I don't have a daily routine for finding inspiration. The ideas just come the way they want. There are people who inspire me, like Moebius, Le Corbusier, Vasarely, Andy Goldsworthy, Jack Slater or the DMV crew.

ADOBE STOCK: What exciting projects do you have for 2017?

Benoit Challand: I would like to do character design. I did a couple of tests that you can see on my Instagram account.


ADOBE STOCK: What music are you currently listening to at work (if you are listening to any)?

If you're curious now and want to see more of Ben's fascinating work, follow him on Behance and Instagram.

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