How to break internet routers

10 tips for a fast and stable WiFi

Thomas Rau

Connecting home network devices via WiFi is convenient, but not always the fastest way. In addition to too slow a speed, problems are primarily caused by unstable connections. We show you how to whip up the WLAN.

Enlarge10 tips make your WiFi fast and stable

WiFi is easy and convenient - when it works. If the WiFi connection breaks down frequently or is too slow, the wireless network is annoying. With these 10 tips you can solve WiFi problems very quickly.

1. This is how you get to the router's menu

The problem: You make all the important settings for the WLAN in the router's browser menu. Follow these steps if your router has frequent problems accessing the user interface.

The solution: First, use a ping command to determine whether the router and the home network device from which you are accessing the router can be reached over the network. To rule out connection problems in the WLAN, you can connect the computer to the router via LAN. Enter the router's web address in the browser. You can find it in the manual or on a sticker on the device: For example, on a Fritzbox this is, you can reach routers from Netgear at

You can also enter the IP address of the router in the local LAN in the browser. You can see this on a connected Windows computer in the status of the network connection under Details -> IPv4 standard gateway. With the Fritzbox, the emergency IP address, which works regardless of an existing connection to the router, is always helpful: It is Often the IP address is also No matter what your address is - our tips will get you into your router quickly.

Another note: To rule out the browser as a source of error, delete the browser cache and make sure that the browser is not in offline mode, for example by visiting another website. To be on the safe side, switch off an active pop-up blocker. If nothing helps, you should restart the router.