What is a multi-party state

Freedom of the press

Freedom of the press means the ability to report on events of public interest. This has to do with the right to freedom of expression. Everyone has the right to freely report on his or her concerns. So there can be no censorship.
At the same time there are restrictions on this freedom of the press. It is important to protect the privacy of people. It should not be said that someone has committed a crime before a court has issued a judgment. That's why you often find terms like presumed or It is the presumption of innocence. Of course, no untruths are allowed to be spread, and certain groups cannot be hounded.
Freedom of the press also means that different opinions and points of view can be published. The more independent media there are, the stronger this possibility is.
Press concentration (or media concentration) denotes the number of independent newspapers or media products. High press concentration means that there are few independent newspapers. The stronger the press concentration, the less diversity of opinion (pluralism of opinion) there is. In Austria the media concentration is relatively high, i.e. the majority of the media is controlled by a few media groups.
Reporters without borders is a human rights organization defending freedom of the press (journalism).