What are cluster operating systems


The new high-availability cluster operating system from euroNAS offers minimal server downtime for all applications with particularly failure-critical data

The latest product from the Munich company euroNAS GmbH is now on the market. The new software for high availability clusters (high availability clusters or failover clusters) was specially developed to protect important failure-critical data.

euroNAS HA cluster

The new HA cluster operating system with the product name euroNAS HA Cluster 64-Bit uses a combination of different technologies to ensure continuous operation as possible, even if individual servers or system components fail. It supports NFS and ISCSi protocols as well as soon also SMB protocols.

Serviceability and minimal downtime

The HA cluster software from euroNAS saves all data automatically and in real time on both servers. Should one of the servers fail, the other automatically takes over its services. Hardware and software malfunctions that occur are discovered automatically, without requiring manual intervention. This prevents downtimes in the event of malfunctions and system crashes as well as during the necessary maintenance work. Each server in the cluster can be switched off separately and put back into operation without interrupting operations.

Target groups

High availability clusters are particularly suitable for:

  • all network applications that do not allow failures
  • Storage virtualization
  • Storage server for video surveillance and databases
  • all computer workstations with failure-critical data

About euroNAS

The company, founded in Munich in 2005, has specialized in the development of optimized data storage for networks. The customers in the international market come from many industries. Special customers from the specialist branch are system houses and system administrators. euroNAS GmbH offers its customers individualized customer service, customized versions and has been working successfully with OEM partners for years.