Weird with hair gel these days

I started getting interested in fragrances as a teenager.
On the one hand, my spectrum was limited to the owner-managed mainstream perfumery on site (in the small town). They knew each other there, and the standard was recommended to me. Owned Joop fragrances (especially Berlin) and Laura. Some others too. Back then there was no internet.

But I found the selection there to be immense and from an early age regularly called several bottles my own.
You just feel your way. It wasn't until later, when I was in my early twenties, that I discovered Douglas and Co.. I also went on trips to ALZD - but ordered Montales Oud and was out first. I liked Teint de Neige - later also Felanilla - but they were too expensive for me. I guarded the samples and used them extremely sparingly.
Also had a niche fragrance, the name of which I can't remember, and later Fleur de Cristal by Lalique, which I treated myself to in the Alsterhaus.

It wasn't until I was over 30 that I discovered the exclusive Guerlain range by chance and was recommended Parfumo - the rest is history.

For many, I think the selection in drugstores and perfumeries is enough for now. Then there is the love of money - clothes and shoes were more important to me back then - or a Game Boy game - later a car.
Perfume was simply comparatively expensive and less present: You didn't wear it visibly, it didn't move you from a) to b) - it was somehow more abstract. The samples from ALZD seemed particularly expensive to me - they were "just samples", and if in doubt I didn't even like them, and the money was spent for free.

In addition, niche fragrances are quite bulky at first - at least that's how I felt at the time. Once you smelled something wrong, you can be cured of "stuff like that" first

How it looks today with the accessibility thanks to the Internet, I can say little. However, think that it is primarily used for school, gaming and social media.
You go to Douglas in packs when you meet in the city.