Which crystals are good for mental health

Tips for mental balance

It can be the little things that make everyday life easier - for example, "talking about your soul" or making sure you have enough relaxation. It is not necessary to wait for a special moment in order to “look after” the soul and thus “look” at yourself.

A wide variety of resources that humans carry within themselves can also be revived again and again. Resources in the sense of health resources are the totality of all health-promoting or protective personal and social, but also physical and psychological reserves. This includes self-determination, confidence and humor - but also security and the feeling of being loved.

Tips for your emotional self-care

The following tips can help to do something good for the psyche at any time in the sense of self-care. Not everything can be implemented always and immediately. But step by step, more emotional balance can be achieved:

  • Be careful with yourself: What needs do you have (e.g. for food, social exchange, rest, activity, etc.)? What are your feelings? Mindfulness can also support this.
  • Practice setting boundaries: Sometimes that includes saying “no”. However, also be mindful of other people's boundaries.
  • Appreciate yourself: If you find yourself devaluing yourself again, for example - ask yourself if you would “talk” to a good friend in the same way.
  • Set goals for yourself: Try to appreciate even small steps along the way.
  • Take personal responsibility: Not everything is always in our hands. But there is a lot that you can influence yourself (e.g. feelings or lifestyle).
  • Discover enjoyable moments: Try to make more use of your senses. What do you smell, taste, see, feel and hear?
  • In general, pay attention to your lifestyle: Incorporate healthy exercise and nutrition into everyday life, avoid excessive alcohol consumption, for example, and ensure adequate sleep.
  • Consciously maintain good social relationships: For example with family, partner, friends, neighbors, etc.
  • Get involved: Getting involved in a club etc. for other people can contribute to a fulfilling life. You can find contact points at www.freiwilligenweb.at.
  • Create "relaxation islands": For example, regular work breaks, use of a relaxation technique (e.g. progressive muscle relaxation according to Jacobson) etc. or just do nothing and indulge in "leisure".
  • Deal with stress management: How you can learn to deal with stress as well as possible can be found under Stress Management.
  • Try to face problems: If you identify a difficulty, try doing something about it or get help.
  • Try it with humor: A humorous perspective sometimes results in new perspectives and a certain looseness.
  • Use your creative streak: Even if you think you don't have them. There is sure to be something creative for you that you enjoy (e.g. painting, writing, music, etc.).
  • Stay open to new things: Learning or getting to know something new or being surprised by life can also be enriching.
  • Also question basic assumptions about yourself: For example, it is about how we value ourselves or what we believe in ourselves. Examples would be: “I am clumsy” or “I am an optimist”. Negative assumptions can be very stressful and cause stress. It is worthwhile to question them every now and then. You can also consider whether there are new "beliefs" that now seem more appropriate or could promote well-being.
  • Get support when needed: There are many ways to get help. For example, if you don't know what to do next, if everything becomes too much for you, or if you have mental or general health problems. Or simply to hear a different point of view or to develop further. Whether assistance in everyday life, advice from a friend or professional help for the psyche or other matters: Do not hesitate to organize support. This is not a sign of weakness. On the contrary, it takes courage and is evidence of active problem and stress management.

In addition, it is never too late to “feed” the soul with positive experiences and to do its good. With "nourishing" one means, for example, catching up on security and security or simply the feeling of being accepted as one is - e.g. after a stressful, conflict-ridden day. For example, surround yourself with people who are good for you or make contact with them. Security and security can also be conveyed to oneself, e.g. with routine processes such as gardening, by simply "taking care of yourself", writing a diary or cuddling in a blanket, etc. With the help of so-called "feeding up", positive experiences can be made and needs can be met.

Have fun exploring the activities that will help you find more balance! It can also be helpful if you write down your plans or consciously note down dates for relaxation or good balance measures in a calendar.

tipUnder “How to strengthen your psyche”! you will find further tips for the soul life and can learn more about the subject of emotional resistance (resilience).