How can you fix chaos

44 reasons why you should bring order to your life!

Creating order and keeping it in order is hard work and costs sweat, time and money. You will have to deal with the small or large challenges in your head and you will need a lot of motivation on the side. What is all this for?

After all, all the disorder is "orderly chaos" and: You are like that. You prefer to spend your time with 1000 other things, with your loved ones and, yes, with yourself. That bit of disorder can't be a problem. Besides, there are those monks out there who can't even stand a book being 1 millimeter out of line. Well, I definitely don't want to be like that.

But somewhere in the back of my mind is the thought from time to time: It would be nice - a little more order! Now and then it can happen that you admire your friends, acquaintances & neighbors who have such a lovingly furnished and tidy home.

So it is time to start after all ?!

A customer just told me: “I wouldn't have believed that you could really get into the flow and not be able to stop. Once you know the good feeling, you almost become addicted! " By the way, with the right plan it's now really easy with her - you can do that too.

If that's what you want, get motivation in my free workshop Kickstart into your ordinary life.

My 44 reasons why order makes sense. Actually it is a reason (you can find it at the bottom) and 43 explanations before. So let's start with number 1!

  1. Freedom - freedom
    Order, space and emptiness strengthen your feeling of freedom. In addition, you don't have to think about it all the time, you are more flexible (at the latest) the next time you move. Get freedom and thus freedom in life.
  2. save money
    Above all else, clutter costs a lot, a lot of stuff and money. There would be all the “stowage” spaces - expensively maximized and built in by the carpenter through to rented areas. In the end, you may be moving into larger rooms because of the clutter. Think about it, there are 1000 things where disorder costs money.
  3. Save even more money
    Order means you need less. Recently (my storage room was in chaos) I went to buy kitchen rolls because there weren't any more. When I then tidied up again, 9 roles came to light.
  4. Less arguments
    Think about how often you argue with your dear roommates on any topic related to disorder or order. How about if all of this falls away? Heavenly!?
  5. Inspiration & space for new things
    In a tidy room, you are more likely to have new ideas and implement new things. If you're trying to come up with an innovative idea in a museum or cluttered basement, then it will be rather difficult.
  6. Feel lightness
    You will feel lighter, more flexible and maybe also more courageous. Your possessions hold you back. That's a good thing - but too much is too much.
  7. Letting go easieralso in other areas
    If you have trained letting go in the rooms, then it will be easier in the other areas as well. Just think about stressful relationships, unloved commitments, and all those negative thoughts. They can also be easy to play with.
  8. Better concentration & more focus
    If you want to pull off a project, it needs focus. It doesn't matter whether it's at work or at home. Fewer things mean less distraction and there is more focus.
  9. Get things done with ease and ease
    If unexpected or unloved things come up, you can do them more calmly and easily, because the everyday to-do list in your head is much shorter.
  10. Higher productivity
    Actually, sure, anyway, you save yourself again looking for the lid of the pot, you have it right at your fingertips. Little things, but in sum ...
  11. Happiness & joy
    If we add up 1-10, it becomes clearer that order brings happiness and joy. By the way, I'm not talking about perfectionism and order mania. It's all about balance.
  12. Easier handling of things
    If all the boxes, bottles, and bags were gone on the floor of the storage room, it would be much easier for you to get to the shelves.
  13. Making things perfect is easier
    Yes, we don't have to be perfect, but sometimes it's not that bad. Order will help you to find the little mistakes.
  14. Search less
    How often do you look for your key? I do 1000 times a year - there is still potential for order in me. Add up all your searches - tons of time & energy. Ideally, you have a fixed place for all the mucked out things in your household, where you can bring them. Then it will be easy to clear out.

  15. More time for you
    Yay! Yes, if you create order now in the first swing, it will take time (but it pays off - hope that is somehow clear now). But after that, it will save a lot, a lot, a lot of time - use it for yourself. Sounds heavenly too, I would say.
  16. Less stress and excessive demands
    Clutter in the room creates clutter and loads of bad thoughts in the head. Away with it!
  17. Easy to move
    Imagine moving with all of your stuff. Hui, this is going to be a hassle. You will clear out the clutter when the movers are already at the door? That will probably be stress instead of lightness.
  18. Appreciation from others
    When you are in order, you will meet other people differently. Believe me, you will get praise and positive feedback. Especially if it hasn't been the case before - the ultimate motivational kick.
  19. Strengthen health
    Yes, it is somehow logically related. If you think of an extreme example, an apartment that is full of rubbish up to the ceiling, dust, pressure and no light at all. Yes, extremely - but how often do we say: "The disorder makes me sick."
  20. Power & energy
    It was somehow clear, but I would like to write it down for you here again.
  21. Less frustration & negative thoughts
    Take today or tomorrow and count in a playful way: How often do you have negative thoughts about order? You can do without that, right?
  22. Less storage space
    Yes, you will need less storage space with fewer things. This of course means lower costs and, above all, less traffic jams.
  23. Professional success
    Yes, actually that too, because all the other reasons free up a lot of energy that you can also use for professional success. Believe me, it works - I can tell you a thing or two about it.
  24. More time for others
    There is time left for you, but also for all your loved ones. I am only thinking of a weekend with my friends in Barcelona, ​​a day at the spa with my partner, a game night with the children or meeting the family (there may be fewer arguments with the “mother-in-law”).
  25. Easier to clean
    Actually also clear if all the 100 stacks, the odds and ends and the 1000 things on the floor weren't there: wipe & away!
  26. Less furniture required
    Where we were again at a lot of other reasons: More freedom, less money ... - and you do it easier with your interior design. You can choose the furniture that you really like, not the one that maximizes space.
  27. More time
    Must be said again in general. You can try to think about how many thoughts, how many searches, how many double paths, how much back and forth. Already in the morning with the wardrobe and when looking for the socks - how much nicer your day starts!
  28. Distraction is reduced
    Your subconscious perceives everything. Even now everything around you. Loads of things that aren't related to your focus (on the article) right now. Wouldn't it be nice if some distraction was allowed to go.
  29. More comfort
    Yes, somehow, too, because there are all the reasons with less furniture, more money, etc. Free space & resources for more comfort.
  30. freedom
    When you stand by the sea or on a mountain top - freedom. Imagine, instead of a distant view & endless expanse, there would be 1000 things to see?

  31. Openness to new things
    If you keep things tidy, there will be room for new things - yes, on the shelves too. That means you will go out differently, meet other people, attend other events ... - be open to new things.
  32. Increase concentration
    We have had in many facets. In a narrower sense, if you think, for example, of the children who are currently learning 1 × 1. Order will make that easier. The same applies to you if you want to learn new things.
  33. More time for sports and hobbies
    That's exactly what we can use them for.
  34. New relationships & friendships
    If you create free space, it will fill up - why not with new relationships?
  35. activity
    You will basically bring more activity into your life - because all the "traffic jams" are gone.
  36. Solving "old" entanglements
    Order has to do with clearing out and gives you the opportunity to let go of the old - this also applies to the immaterial contaminated sites. Many a clearing-out campaign has already resolved disputes over the years as if by magic.
  37. Laugh
    You will tend to laugh more if your rooms are laughing at you properly. Hihihi!
  38. Cleanliness & fresh air
    Clutter is a dream for dust & Co. No clutter therefore also means a better room climate and more cleanliness. Just be able to take a deep breath.
  39. Less stumbling blocks in the household
    There are times when I trip over things. What could happen there ...
  40. Space to easily stow away in an emergency
    I love it! If the majority of the cupboards are tidy and there is perhaps some space left, I can quickly clear up the clutter in an emergency.
  41. Role model for others
    When I ask my customers why they want to create order, the only answer that comes up so often is: I want to be a good role model for my children. The reason really goes to the heart - with you too?
  42. change
    I can guarantee you that: If you ensure long-term order, a tidy life, then something will change. And that will be positive in the long run. It has always been the case with me and with all of my customers. Why should you be an exception?
  43. Guests can come at any time
    How nice it would be if you can invite people with ease and joy at any time. Ready for a wonderful, cozy evening, a date or the friends of the children.
  44. And now we come to the most important reason.
    For me it is the summary of all the other details. It's exactly what we all want:

What do you think? Do you want to start

As an incentive, now look for 3 reasons. Write them down so that you will see them again and again and they will remind you: Yes, order is appreciation! To you!

You can also print out this saying card and hang it up.

Have fun on the way to balance in your life of order. Don't worry, you can do it too.

Happy day


PS: Continue the list in the comment. 45. ... and let's find good reasons together for more order. I'm also happy about your good reason for order in my free Facebook group "Happy Home".

If you know others who could start with you, share the article with them. Perhaps precisely the incentive for more order. Thank you!