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Traveling alone is an art that has to be learned first. Some trips are great with friends, some nicer with a partner and you just have to do others alone; no matter if you are 18 or 80, male or female, shy or open. We have put together 23 tips for solo travelers so that you can get the most out of experiences and positive experiences ...

23 tips for solo travelers ...

1. Find out more before you travel

There are places in the world that are perfect for a trip with just you and your luggage. Of course, there are also some that are dangerous or unsuitable. Find out in advance which destinations should be on your travel list and which ones you prefer to keep for another time. You can find more detailed information on the website of the Federal Foreign Office.

2. Destinations and routes

Once you have decided on the destination or your route, get as much information as possible or It's best to get a travel guide. At the beginning you will have a lot of new impressions and emotions, it would be a shame when the euphoria is cloudedjust because you can't find your hostel ... and you have something to read with you.

3. Pack lightly

Be aware that nobody will be there on this trip to take your luggage 😉 Take only the bare essentials and travel with a backpack if possible instead of a suitcase. You'll see, the adventure begins with packing. Since we know how difficult and nerve-wracking this can be, here are the tips and tricks for packing your suitcase!

4. Book solo-friendly accommodations

When it comes to staying overnight, traveling alone can be expensive, which is why we already recommend you to look in advance for accommodation that is especially suitable for single travelers. Another option is to avoid the single room surcharge by finding a room partner through various providers. It might sound a bit strange at first, but there are some providers try to bring people with similar personalities together. Who knows, maybe your soulmate is already waiting for you.

We also have cute studios and apartments for your trip!

5. Don't schedule yourself

Plans and to-do lists are good, but a bit of buffer is better! Of course you want to discover everything and see as much as possible. But what makes traveling alone a few days without a planwhere you get up and ask yourself what am I going to experience today? Sit in a café, review the past few days and relax.

6. Don't go underground

Very important and what is always underestimated: Always let friends or relatives know where you are and where your next destination is. You never know if something might happen and if contact through a third party will have to be established in an emergency.

7. Keep those at home informed

Your whole Impressions, experiences and snapshots must be shared with the world! Sure, most of us have Facebook or Instagram, but you don't want to share every unhappy selfie or disgusting-looking dinner with the whole world. Therefore keep a travel diary only with your loved ones At home, for example with the Journi app.

8. Goodbye shyness

Even if you are insecure or reluctant, ask for help and talk to the people around you. Just standing around and looking lost doesn't help and won't get you where you want to go. See it as one Challenge to get rid of your shyness and fear of contact.

9. Be proactive, communicative and open to the world

You will meet loads of interesting people, but be aware you are one of those special people with a very special story! Most of them are travelers or locals who, like you, are looking to make new friends. Listen to their story!

10. Prepare a pitch

The first questions are usually always the same: Where are you from and how long are you staying here? But what is important the first impression of where from and how long; your chance for a more in-depth conversation. If you are not susper quick-witted and eloquent, get one 10-second presentation with which you can break the ice in a humorous way.

11. A table for one, please

What may seem extremely uncomfortable to us at home becomes everyday life when traveling alone. Make your lunch or dinner your very own highlight of the day and enjoy the time alone. Finally you can devote yourself fully to your dish, let all tastes work and the Let your gaze wander through the restaurant. You will be amazed at all the things that can be discovered ...

12. Take trips against boredom

If your feet are burning from sightseeing or if you don't feel like reading anymore, then look for one cool activity or an exciting excursion nearby; the perfect solution to boredom and a wonderful opportunity to meet new people, since something like this is usually done in groups.

13. Routine is a must

Sure, the first few days are super exciting, but like at home you get lazy at some point. To make sure that doesn't happen, establish a routine. Go to breakfast at the same specific times, take a walk every day, or contact your loved one in the evening.. no matter what your routine looks like, try to keep it going.

14. Hola, Goddag, Buongiorno and konnichi wa ...

Mastering a few words or phrases in the local language can make your life easier. You can deal with the Entertain locals, show respect for the culture and you will certainly get a better price. To get you started, we have the most important phrases in Italian and Portuguese for you.

15. Find your local hangout

Explore the area around your accommodation and make a cafe or bar your hangout. Make sure that there are communal tables or counters by the window so that you can talk to others. This is how you create a base for yourself, you will be recognized after a few days and you will know how to do it chat with the waitress or bartender.. and at best make a little impression on new friends 😉

16. At home I would never ...

Skydiving? Talking to someone strange? Climb a mountain? Then right now is the ideal time for it. Because that's what this trip is about:life begins at the end of your comfort zone!

17. Don't forget to cache

So that no souvenir photos, data and documents can be lost, occasionally do a backup in your Dropbox or cloud. When traveling, you can lose or break your tablet, cell phone or laptop, so make sure that at least your memory remains.

18. Money and documents in case of emergency

When it comes to money and important documents, there are very simple tips that you should follow. Never carry all your money around with you, just what you roughly need that day. Hide an extra bank card somewhere deep in your luggage and always have the contact details of your bank with you so that you can block the card in an emergency. And last save some money in case of emergency in a well hidden place on and save important documents in your emails or on a USB stick.

19. Know your limits

Since you are on your own and responsible for yourself, be a little more careful than usual. Don't look too deep into the glass so that you can find your way home safely. Also, take care of your body and do not overdo yourself on hikes, sporting activities or long journeys.

20. Taxis and rickshaws

If you treat yourself to a taxi, make sure that it is ldoes not matter or is registered; a local can tell you how to recognize this. Otherwise, ask at your accommodation or use apps like MyTaxi or Uber. It is important that you guys Agree on a price before the trip or the driver switches on the taximeter. Under no circumstances do you drive without having clarified the price, because tourists are often ripped off.

21. Beware of scam

As soon as you arrive in a new city, find out more from the locals and other travelers about the common scams. So you can recognize them early and avoid them. These scams are usually not a risk to you, but to your wallet.

22. Keep the ball flat

Would you like to carry out your jewelry or take pictures of everything with your SLR camera? You are welcome to do that, but maybe better not in poor countries. Adapt to the culture and people of your travel destination and be careful with expensive travel companionslike your cell phone or camera. Also, avoid revealing your last name and attracting unwanted attention.

23. SMILE 🙂

Laughter is the same in every language! Not only does it make others happy, but most importantly, it makes you happy! It also means that you are friendly, approachable and warm. You will see, your whole body will start to shine and your journey will be a complete success ... Bon vojage!

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