What is the other side of love

The other side of love

"Anger is good!" ... writes the experienced couple and family therapist Dr. Gary Chapman in his "The Other Side of Love" guide. But what does he mean by that? Anger is good, the author describes, because it is - actually - an expression of love and a longing for justice. And: anger is good - if it doesn't break out in an uncontrolled manner. If it's not suppressed. When he turns from a "negative" feeling to a positive force.
How it works? With the "five-step strategy", which has already helped many men and women and which he outlines in this book:
- at work
- in friendship and partnership
- with the children and their own parents.
If you've read this book you will know ...
- how to deal well with people full of anger
- how to prevent an emotional outburst
- how your own anger can become productive.
Awarded the ECPA's Silver Book Award. From the author of the bestsellers "The Five Languages ​​of God's Love" and "The Five Languages ​​of Love for Families".

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  • Published by Brunnen-Verlag, Gießen
  • Original title: Anger (old title: The Other Side of Love)
  • Article no. of the publisher: 114149
  • 6th ed.
  • Number of pages: 208
  • Release Date: February 15, 2018
  • German
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