What mistakes in wedding registration should I avoid?

Registration at the registry office: You have to know these things!

After the engagement, the wedding does not follow immediately, but the one first Registration at the registry office. A visit to the registry office is necessary to make an appointment for the wedding. In order to avoid an unnecessary visit to the registry office, you should first check in advance whether all the documents required for registration are available.

In the best case, both partners are on site when registering. With a corresponding power of attorney, the form for this is available at the registry office, but registration is also possible without the partner. When registering at the registry office, it is already indicated which name you would like to have after the wedding. You can find out which combinations are possible in this article. However, the information about the name is not yet “carved in stone”, but can even be changed on the day of the wedding in a face-to-face meeting with the registrar.

Which documents are required for registration at the registry office?

In order to register for a wedding, a valid identity card and a residence permit are required, which can be obtained from the citizens' office in the respective city for a small fee and which must not be older than six months. If the marriage is to take place in a registry office in a city where you are not registered as living in, a birth certificate is also required.

Additional documents are required for special life situations:

  • Common children: birth certificate of the children in which both parents are registered
  • If someone is divorced: certified copy from the marriage register of the previous marriage with a notice of termination
  • Not German citizenship from birth: original naturalization certificate
  • If someone is widowed: death certificate of the deceased partner

Once all the documents have been provided for the bride and groom, nothing stands in the way of registering at the registry office, except for the desired date.

When can an appointment be made for the wedding?

The future bride and groom can only make a fixed appointment within the next 6 months. The proverbial rule here: first come, first paint. As we had to find out ourselves, the six-month period is very important. So we went to the registry office on a Thursday at 5:30 p.m. (fortunately they are open until 6 p.m. every Thursday) to register our own wedding ceremony on our desired date. Unfortunately, registration was not possible because our appointment would have been in six months and one day.

However, some registry offices offer to reserve an appointment in advance. Simply call your registry office briefly and ask if this would be possible.

Which registry office do you have to go to?

Registration at the registry office is made in the office where the bride or groom has their main or secondary residence. Nevertheless, the civil marriage can take place in any registry office in Germany. For example, some would like to have a civil wedding on the beach or get married in their place of birth.

Your responsible registry office will (mostly) forward your registration accordingly. To be on the safe side, when registering at the registry office, you should ask again whether you need further documents or similar at the registry office of your choice.

What costs are to be expected when registering at the registry office?

The costs for registering for a wedding at the registry office vary depending on the city and can range between 60.00 and 100.00 euros. Special requests, such as the wedding on the beach or in other special places, or the wedding on Saturdays cost extra at the registry offices. At least EUR 120.00 to EUR 250.00 should be budgeted for here.

However, these are only rough guidelines that can differ greatly from registry office to registry office. You can find out the exact costs for your wedding in a non-binding consultation at your registry office.

Registration for marriage

Getting married is not really that complicated. If you make an appointment with the registry office for registration, just ask directly which documents are really necessary. Often, however, the necessary information is also directly on the website. In most cases, the registration for marriage is only a mere formality and not quite as time-consuming.

Where do you get a family book / family book from?

A registry book is not necessarily required for the wedding ceremony, but it is a nice way to have all documents bundled in one pretty book. We ourselves bought our stud book directly from the registry office, there was a great one that we liked. The prices for a registry office from the registry office ranged from 15.00 to 30.00 euros.

It is of course also possible to buy a stud book yourself in advance of the wedding. We present you really nice ones on this page.