Should I shave my eyebrows

We know, that the eyebrows frame the face perfectly. The shape of the hair also plays a decisive role. The Eyebrows give every face a certain character. Therefore, trimming eyebrows is very popular. There are of course different methods for doing this. In addition to the thread technique, many like to use tweezers and pluck their hairs one after the other. For some it is routine, others find it painful and prefer to use the razor. You can find out here how you can shave your brows and the advantages of shaving your hair.

Shaving eyebrows: this is how it works

Can you shave your eyebrows? Clear! You should just be careful and cautious about going over your eyebrows with the razor. Because if you allow yourself a little mistake, you can immediately see it in the eyebrows. As always, that is important proper preparation. You absolutely need one Eyebrow razor and not a conventional razor designed for legs, armpits, or the bikini line. If you have never trimmed your brows before and are afraid of doing something wrong, it is advisable to otherwise entrust your eyebrows to a professional.

Shaving eyebrows: what you need

  • Eyebrow razor (not a normal razor!)
  • mirror
  • shaving cream
  • Moisturizing facial care
  • Of course, you can also use an eyebrow trimmer. But you don't need shaving foam for this.

We'll explain step by step the best way to do it at home in front of the mirror:

  1. Clean all makeup residue off your face and place a wet, warm towel on the eyebrow. The opens the pores and enables one painless Removing the hairs.
  2. Wear now some shaving cream on the parts of the brow that you want to depilate.
  3. A Eyebrow pencil can help you to mark the shape you want.
  4. Span your skin now with two fingers and put the razor at a 45 ° angle on your skin.
  5. Shave with light movements, without any pressure in the direction of growth.
  6. It's always better to shave in small steps so little can go wrong.
  7. Then wash your face with cool water.
  8. Soothing moisturizer Apply by shaving can be a slight Skin irritation arise. Care can soothe the skin.

Why isn't a conventional razor sufficient for shaving eyebrows?

Not all razors are created equal. There are of course reasons why the conventional razor from the shower is only intended for shaving the legs, armpits and bikini line. An eyebrow razor makes it possible easy removal of the hairs over the eye. But there are also other reasons that speak in favor of investing the money in a real eyebrow razor:

  • The skin of the face is more sensitive and gentler.
  • An eyebrow razor is easier to run over the eyebrow, without hurting the eye.
  • The eyebrow razors have a smaller blade and are better in the hand.

How long should the eyebrows be?

When shaving eyebrows, it is important that the hairs are definitely a few millimeters visible on the skin in order to be able to shave them. In contrast to eye-plucking, where you have to grab the fine hairs, you can remove every single hair with the razor. The blade of the eyebrow razor is sharp, but it shouldn't damage the skin if the hairs are shorter.

Once you've shaved your eyebrows, how long does it take to grow back?

There is a slight downside to shaving your eyebrows. Once you have shaved your eyebrows, it only takes a few days, usually two to three, for the hairs to grow back and become visible. The hairs grow back faster after shaving. Because only when plucking eyebrows is every single hair root removed with every hair.

Advantages and disadvantages of shaving eyebrows at a glance:


  • In contrast to plucking eyebrows with tweezers, shaving eyebrows is as good as painless
  • When you shave your brows you can remove a lot more hairs faster instead of tweezers. When plucking eyebrows, every single little hair has to be plucked.


  • After shaving, the eyebrow hairs grow faster and especially thicker after. When plucking with the tweezers, eyebrow hairs including the hair roots are caught. Therefore, it then takes longer for the hair to grow back.
  • The result of shaving your eyebrows is not very accurate. It is sometimes difficult to get hold of every single hair with the razor, so the shape of the eyebrows may not be precise enough.
  • The mistakes in shaving are easier to spot because if you slip while shaving, you may be removing even more hair than you wanted. But don't worry, the hairs will grow back!

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