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Configurations to meet the requirements are determined by each one Realization concept is determined for each architectural component.
Configurations for meeting said requirements are determined by establishing a realization concept for each architectural module.
For each architecture module there is at least one Realization concept given.
Realization concept, System architecture We think of the finale right from the start.

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The E / D / E created Realization concepts and helps with the adaptation of merchandise management systems.
Thanks to the international value-added network and the complementary cooperation with other mold makers, we can do different Realization concepts from which our customers choose the right concept with the best cost-benefit ratio.
Thanks to the valuable international network and close cooperation with other mold makers, we are able to offer several implementation concepts, from which our customers can select the concept that meets their needs at the best cost-benefit ratio.
In an in-house seminar, we can show you the possibilities and special features of various Realization concepts.
"Development of a Realization concept for the use of coal mining facilities as underground pumped storage power plants "()
As part of the project will be Realization concepts of key components of flywheel storage systems for use in private transport. The possibilities of storage to meet the service life under the required boundary conditions, as well as the technical framework conditions (efficiency, power, energy content) are examined in particular.
Within the project, different concepts to implement flywheel storages will be developed with respect to their applicability in passenger cars.This comprises the investigation of technical requirements (power limit, energy density, lifetime) as well as efficiency of the energy storage and target cost.
2 1f) Realization concepts Secret political operations put the goals of the cold war into reality in all areas of their own as well as the satellite states and are carried through corruption into those of the opposing camp.
2 1f) Enforcement concepts Secret policy operations realize cold war objectives in all fields of a nations life as well as in the satellite states and are carried by corruption over to the clients of politically opposite camps.
This is what art lover Ruth Merckle wanted. As a specialist in pharmaceutical planning and clean room technology, Carpus + Partner has been developing master plans and Realization concepts for site development and, as general planner, is responsible for the complete implementation of the planning.
This had wished itself Kunstliebhaberin Ruth Merckle. As a specialist for Pharmaplanung and clean-room technology Carpus + Partner compiles Merckle master plans and realization concepts for some years for the company for location development and is responsible as general planners for the complete conversion of planning.
Use this experience for the strategic development of your company or organization: From the first idea evaluation and market assessment to the choice of the right funding program and the development of the Realization concept to successful implementation and marketing support - we offer everything from a single source.
Use this experience for the further strategic development of your company or organization: From initial evaluation of an idea and market assessment to choice of the right funding program, development of an implementation plan to successful realization and support in commercialization - we offer a one-stop service.
In the combination of the applied Realization concepts With the complete handling of Fortran 77 and the good runtime efficiency of the target programs, the real scientific novelty value of this system lies, which sets it apart from other systems of this kind.
The combination of the applied concepts together with the complete handling of Fortran 77 and the good run-time efficieny of the target programs represents the main scientific novelty of this system and sets it off from other systems of this kind.
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