When I should hide my real potential

Do you know your true potential? Discover what you are made of and live out your talents to the full

One thing strikes me again and again in my business coaching: Many people are not even aware of their strengths and abilities. They don't even know what they can do and how they could use it to create a fulfilling business. I think that's a shame, because there is just so much potential in all of us - and living it out is an important building block for a fulfilling and fulfilling life.

When it comes to starting self-employment, many people follow current trends. How can you make good money right now? What is wanted? How can I quickly and easily build a profitable business? Depending on the trend, this can then be online courses, e-books, online congresses, coaching, etc. In principle there is nothing wrong with that. The problem is completely different: We forget to listen to our inner voice and follow a trend instead of dealing with what really suits us and makes us happy.

What kind of business do YOU ​​want to run? How should your everyday work be, which media and channels do YOU ​​want to use and what are your talents and abilities that you have always wanted to live out? What is your message and what is the best way to get it across? What do you LOVE and do you enjoy?

More and more people are doing things that do not suit them at all - just because they have heard that this is how you “have to do it” if you want to build a successful business. They follow someone else's strategies instead of listening to their own voice and needs. They create their entire business out of the fear that they cannot do it well enough themselves and therefore need a ready-made strategy. I've already written a detailed article about this: Do you need a business strategy? And which one is right for you?

The problem with that? Your real strengths may lie elsewhere, you just don't see them because you are following a supposedly tried and tested pattern. You could maybe grow up very quickly with your individual talents in your heart area and really make a difference if you actually started at the grassroots. The basis, i.e. the cornerstones of your business, are not strategies. The basis is YOU. In my potential coaching, I always start with people first. We discover abilities and talents dormant deep within you, create your absolute dream working day and develop your mission - what you want to achieve and change on this planet and how you can do it. We also look at which measures really suit you and your planned independence.

Do you know all your strengths?

Most people are not even aware of how much they have actually learned in life. What they are all good at and what they enjoy doing at all. We acquire numerous skills on the side - e.g. Languages, surviving crises, dealing with or curing diseases, becoming parents and growing with the children. Or everything that you have learned self-taught, e.g. through your membership in the sports club, voluntary projects, the band you might play in ... there are so many things that we do "seemingly on the side" and do not notice how many new skills we learn in the process.

Each of us has our own unique combination of talents and knowledge. Each of us grew up differently and therefore shaped differently, mastered different challenges, completed apprenticeships and jobs, gained personal experience, etc. So we are actually all unrivaled - because everyone is absolutely unique. From this it follows that actually every person could start a completely unique business - could offer products and services that only he (she) can offer in this way based on his (her) individual life story.

And that's exactly what very few see. So much is already there, but most people are not aware of it. How much they e.g. learned by overcoming crises, or simply by having children and being allowed to completely change their lives. These are all such precious gifts!

Are there talents that lie dormant in you, but that you do not act at all out of fear - e.g. of failure or of being laughed at? Have you always wanted to do something before, but just didn't dare? Let us discuss in the comments or write something about it in our business heroines community.