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In order to access another computer from one computer, special remote tools that enable a connection between two computers are useful. This allows users to help each other with problems.

In Windows 10, Microsoft has integrated the free tool "Remote Help", which replaces the previous version "Remote Assistance" from Windows 7/8 / 8.1. With the remote help, users with Windows 10 can also perform remote maintenance over the Internet.

However, the tool only offers rudimentary functions. For example, if you also want to transfer files and communicate with the remote partner, you need other tools or software. However, not all of them offer support for remote maintenance via the Internet.

We looked at the most popular free tools. Candidates include:

  • UltraVNC / RealVNC / ThinVNC

  • TeamViewer

  • AnyDesk

  • Chrome Remote Desktop

  • DameWare

  • Ammyy Admin

Use UltraVNC / RealVNC / ThinVNC

When it comes to remote control of computers, VNC is the main focus. The tool is available in different versions. The advantage of VNC is:

VNC is particularly popular for remote maintenance in networks when no connection via the Internet is required. VNC variants use the VNC protocol, which means that the programs are compatible with one another.

UltraVNC is especially for experienced administrators. UltraVNC can also be used to transfer data, establish encrypted connections and users can communicate with one another. In order for administrators to be able to access a computer via the viewer, the UltraVNC server component must first be installed.

The "Viewer" tool from the UltraVNC installation is used to set up a remote maintenance session. An alternative is RealVNC. The password and authentication for access are configured on the client to be accessed.

The third known variant of VNC is ThinVNC. ThinVNC does not require any software on the computer for client access, but can be accessed via a web browser. To do this, you have to start the server part of ThinVNC. Installation is not necessary.

In order for access via the network to work, a rule must be created in the firewall that allows access. To establish a connection to ThinVNC, the IP address and the port of the target computer are entered.

TeamViewer - Free for private use

The TeamViewer software also offers the option of establishing a connection via the Internet. You software is for personal use. Anyone who uses TeamViewer commercially must license the software.

The advantage of TeamViewer is that no software has to be installed on the remotely serviced computer; the user simply starts the tool and passes the access code on to the remote servicing user. This can then set up a connection quickly and easily. TeamViewer also provides its software for macOS X, Linux and other operating systems. There are also apps for iOS and Android.

TeamViewer is one of the best-known tools for remote maintenance, as it provides an infinite range of functions that do not have to be installed, can also be used by beginners, and are available free of charge for private users.

After starting the application, "Start only" and "Private / non-commercial" will be selected if you use the software privately. Then start the tool.

An ID is created that you can use to allow another user to access the PC. The other user also starts the client software and enters the ID of the computer that he wants to control remotely under "Partner ID". You will then be asked for the password, which is also displayed on the target computer.

AnyDesk - Free for private users

AnyDesk offers the possibility to access the desktop of Windows computers efficiently. The solution is generally available free of charge for private use, companies have to pay from 60 euros / year.

The tool focuses on the remote maintenance of workstations. As with TeamViewer, installation is not required here either. After starting the client, an address is generated that the administrators can use to access the computer. However, the connection is not made with the RDP protocol but proprtär.


Chrome Remote Desktop - Free remote maintenance from the browser

If you work with Google Chrome, you can use the free Chrome Remote Desktop extension.

You can use Chrome Remote Desktop to access your home PC while you are out and about, Chrome does not have to be started. This is done as follows:

1. Call Chrome Remote Desktop by address chrome: // apps on.

2. Click on My computers on Start now and then Remote connections activate.

3. Have the necessary extension installed and set a PIN that you can use to connect when you are on the move.

4. The corresponding computer is then displayed as Ready for external connections.

5. Call up the app for Chrome Remote Desktop again, see in the field My computers any computers for which you've enabled Chrome Remote Desktop.

6. Click on the PC that you want to control remotely.

7. Enter the PIN that you have set and click on Connect.

8. After that you will be connected to your PC.

In addition to Chrome Remote Desktop, you can also access your home PC from Android smartphones / tablets. All you need to do is install and set up the Chrome Remote Desktop app.

DameWare - inventory, remote control, administration

Dameware is a remote control for computers, but offers much more than simple remote maintenance. With the solution you can also manage Mac and Linux computers and control them remotely. Dameware can also manage system services remotely and also provides an overview of the respective computers. Users looking for remote maintenance should look at the solution for 14 days. During this period, the product is available as a test version with almost no restrictions. Then you have to buy Dameware, but until then the software can be used free of charge.

Ammyy Admin - remote maintenance also via the Internet

Ammyy Admin offers remote control and can exchange data between two computers, including over the Internet. An installation of the software is not necessary, Ammyy-Admin only has to be started. When the tool is started, an ID is generated and displayed. You can use this to establish a connection with the client.

Using Ammyy Admin is roughly the same as using Teamviewer. The functions for displaying the screen, remote control, file manager, voice chat and RDP connection are available. After the connection has been established, the accessing user sees the desktop of the other computer. Various tasks can be performed using the toolbar. (hal)