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Brazil travel guide

In our Brazil travel guide you will learn everything about the history, culture and cuisine of the country.

Culture of Brazil

The culture of Brazil is unique due to the colonization, the influence of the African slaves and the geography of the country. Brazil's most famous cultural event is Carnival and this is the perfect example of mixing the African Pagan Festival with a Roman Catholic celebration.

Brazilians are known to be dynamic, funny, cheerful and carefree. You are extremely passionate about itfútbol (Football) works, because that is their national sport and also their greatest fame.

Brazilians have a distinct regional affiliation. One example is the rivalry between the fromSao Paulo from Paulistas and fromRio de Janeiro native Cariocas. The Paulistas are described as fast-paced, cosmopolitan, and hard-working, whereas the Cariocas are described more as laid-back, passionate, and beach-loving. Just visit Rio de Janeiro or yourselftravel to Sao Paulo and make up your own mind.

The culture of Brazil is rich inmusic and dance. Probably the most notable is thatsamba. Traced back to African musical traditions, the samba is more than just a form of music or a dance, but it has its own tradition and history. African influence can also be seen in Capoeira, a dance that was developed by the slaves during colonization and by theUNESCO Commission as Cultural Heritage has been declared.

Brazilian food

Brazilian food has some delicious dishes to offer. Many are characterized by a tropical taste, influenced by the generous and colorful nature of Brazil. Because of its coastal location, agriculture and rainforest, Brazilian cuisine is based on the following staple foods: rice, cassava, fresh seafood, beans and exotic Fruit.

Rice and beans play an important role in almost every meal and are also part of the national dishFeijoadaare. Another traditional dish isMoqueca,a stew that is served in a clay pot with rice or cassava flour. This dish is best known in northeastern Brazil.

What would Brazil be without its famous coffee, exotic fruits and smoothies. The taste is incomparable and is sure to inspire you on your trip. Especially since coffee from Brazil is the perfect travel gift.

You should also try these culinary delicacies on your Brazil vacation:

  • Feijoada: Hearty stew with black beans, sausages and pork. .
  • Moqueca: Fresh fish, onion, coriander and tomato stew
  • Pão de queijo: Baked cheese bread made from cassava root flour and cow's milk cheese
  • Açaí sorbet: A berry fruit cake from the Amazon region, mixed with sorbet, served with bananas, honey and muesli
  • Brigadeiros: Chocolate pralines made from condensed milk, cocoa powder and chocolate pieces.

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